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Vacation week is ON now! I just want to say HAPPY HOLIDAY for all of my readers and have a super fun trip everywhere you go! :) I want to share with you guys just a quick and short information about this very very helpful App that I have been using every single time that I go traveling around with my friends. I really hope this could also help you too! I bet it will! 


So what is Hotel Quickly ??
This is an application where you can book a hotel room, WITH A VERY LOW PRICE. 

How come it can be in a very low price??
Because, as it says on its name, Hotel Quickly is used to book a hotel room when you are in an urgent situation, as in for LAST MINUTE BOOKING. So you can only book the hotel room for today's stay, or for tomorrow, you can't book it for next week or next month. Do you get what I'm saying?

How low is the price??
Ok I give you the example on my Yogyakarta Trip before, okay? This is a three or four star rate hotel in Yogyakarta. Below is our room, the first night, we got the double bed, the second night we moved to another hotel (also via Hotel Quickly App), and the third night we came back and they gave us the king size bed.

The hotel is very close to the train station and to Malioboro Street, we can just walk there anytime. VERY CONVENIENT! It was a very nice hotel, and the room is very clean and also spacious. We loved our stay there during our Yogyakarta Trip. The standard rate for the room was around IDR 800.000/night, but with the Hotel Quickly Application we got only around IDR 200.000/night! CAN YOU IMAGINE THAT?? And we still divided it into four people, haha.. So we only spent around IDR 50k/night/person LOL.. 


If you're interested in experiencing a better traveling journey like me and my friends did, you can just simply download the app in Google Play Store, and just like any other app, do register your account first.

After you're done with downloading, open the app, and choose your location
You'll see the list of the nearest hotel right away.

The location is not only based in Indonesia, but Hotel Quickly can also be used in another country!

1. Click Option on your top left corner

2. Choose Credits

3. Insert My Coupon Code = LANGE24 then click REDEEM
YOU'LL GET THE IDR 170.000 right away! 
PS : Though you're not in Indonesia, you can still use the Coupon Code wherever you are! The number of your credit will be adjusted by the currency of the place you're visiting.

This app is very very helpful and perfect for traveler, people who always fly to another city or country for business or for backpackers who always live in an uncertainty journey, and keep the budget low on every trip. The downside of this app would be the price list, it changes very quickly, hahaha.. For a crazy traveler like me who insists to travel with Hotel Quickly though it wasn't created for a whole trip, maybe today I book a hotel room for 200k, the next day it might changes to 2000k, LOL. So I have to change my vacation plan quickly and get another hotel with Hotel Quickly again (looking for another cheap price, haha). But that's also the fun thing about traveling with Hotel Quickly. I can also experience another side of the city, and try other hotel, hahaha.. Super fun indeed!

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  1. Itu harga yg tertera stelah terpotong credits kita atau blm ya?

  2. bayarnya harus pake credit card ya?

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