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Hey Guys!
I thought I won't let January goes by without writing one review of a good new place in town. Sheesh, but seriously, I have been around this month but I just couldn't find any place that gave me a desire to write. Well I do have one, but it's not finished just yet, and it really frustrates me because I really wanted to write about places that is worth sharing for the blog, yet we don't have any of it..

Cura by Three O Six

I honestly didn't want to share about this place to you just yet, because I went there at a wrong timing and a wrong situation. At that time I didn't bring my 16mm lens, it was very dark outside due to the heavy rain, while the dining area inside are showered with super yellow lighting and my gums were still wounded from the wisdom tooth surgery (I took both of them, left and right), I couldn't eat that much. But this place is actually worth sharing, so I guess I'll just use the ugly pictures for now until I come back and re-do all the photoshoot.

Cura by three o six is located in Raya Kupang Indah Street, along with The Matcha Cafe and Pat Bing Soo. But you won't see Cura from the road, because it's placed inside Green Grocer Supermarket. So, if you want to go to Cura, you need to pay attention and see where Green Grocer is.  Right after you come inside the Green Grocer, Cura is right on your left.

When I went there as I said above, I was at a wrong timing. It was really dark outside, and just five minutes after I arrived, the rain poured really heavily. Why was it a wrong timing? Because the lamp in Cura is really really yellow, so if you want to take good pictures, you need to come when the sun is shining at its brightest hour. That's the only way you can defeat the yellow lamp inside.

At that time, I was also didn't bring my 16mm lens. Well, I actually brought it, but it was in the car. And the heavy rain made me really lazy to go back to my car and get it. The yellow lighting inside also made my mood of taking pictures went all the way down, so I took whatever I could take and had no choice but to be happy with it.

I was alone at that moment and I found that the people at Cura were friendly and attentive. I had a short conversation with a guy who might be the server and he helped me choosing what food I should get since my gum was also still in the healing process from the wisdom tooth surgery at that time. Long story short, I ordered Salmon and Corn instead of the famous Striploin that I've been dying to try. 

Salmon & Corn (90k)
Sad that I couldn't eat the Striploin, but nonetheless the Salmon and Corn was really good still! The portion was relatively small compared to the price, but the taste pretty much lived up to my expectation. It was savory and sweet, overall palatable and I loved it .

It was an impressive brunch experience to be honest at Cura by Three O Six. The menu were exceptional, I feel like I want to try everything, they sounds good, looks good and tastes good! I hope the standard will be consistent until I get to try everything. :) Success for Cura by Three O Six and surely I'll be back soon! xoxo

Cura by Three O Six (inside Green Grocer)
Jl Raya Kupang Indah No 7 Surabaya
Coffee   08.00 AM - 08.00 PM
Kitchen 10.00 AM - 08.00 PM
Power Outlet are available
No Wifi (yet?)
No EDC Machine (yet?)

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