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Hi Guys!
A week before my departure to Australia, Surabaya has been so nice :( There have been some new openings that makes it hard for me to leave, geez! New cafes, coffee shops, restaurants, and don't get me started with Pakuwon Mall! So many great brands are finally opening in Surabaya, and there are still more to come! Today I just went to the opening of Dairy Queen in Pakuwon Mall, and I would like to share to you guys about my whole afternoon there.

Dairy Queen

First of all, if you don't know, Dairy Queen is a chain ice cream store from America, and it's a very popular one. The store has spreaded across the globe in more than 30 countries, and it has been in Surabaya for years too! Their former branches are in Tunjungan Plaza and in East Coast Mall, but now they finally open their latest branch in the west, which is in Pakuwon Mall.

To be precise, Dairy Queen's location is on the second floor, at the back of the center stage. I went there around one in the afternoon and there were a nonstop massive crowd at the store from the second I stepped in until I finished at three pm, the hype was honestly crazy! I saw kids, teenagers, people around my age, even parents were lining up to get themselves an ice cream in here without minding the long queue, but that's I know exactly why they love Dairy Queen.


Dairy Queen is most known not only for their soft serve curl on top ice cream cone, but also their Blizzard ice cream where their employee will turn the ice cream cup upside down before they give the ice cream to the customers. It seems really gimmicky, but it's still fun to watch and always puts a smile on the customer's faces. And Dairy Queen serves not just ice creams, but there are also smoothies such as citrus coolers, fresh fruit juice, hot dogs, royal treats, waffles and also frappe moolatte (pictures below)

MooLatte (40k)

This is a coffee-blended with soft serve drink. The size is in 12oz and it is available in cappuccino flavor, green tea, mocha, caramel and french vanilla flavor as well. It tasted really refreshing and the flavor enhances the taste even more! I love the caramel flavor, and the whipped cream on top also makes it such a perfect pair ;)

Blizzard (Mini 35k, Regular 43k, Medium 53k, Large 63k)

This is the signature ice cream of Dairy Queen, a winning favorite! They have four different sizes for you to pick, which are mini (the smallest one), regular, medium, and large. If you like your Blizzard to be sweeter, you should try the Oreo flavor, or Nutella Brownie or Skippy Peanut Butter. But if you like it to be less sweet, you can go for the Green Tea Oreo, Strawberry Banana or the Strawberry Oreo. Me personally love the Green Tea Oreo, while the favorite Blizzard of this month is Cappuccino flavor (Oreo and Choco Chunk).

Particularly for Blizzard lovers, you should really take advantages of these promo :
- Every Weekend (Saturday - Monday) Buy 2 Get 3! Medium and large size

- Sakuku BCA 60% off for the Oreo Blizzard every Thursday

Triple Cheese and Pepperoni Dog 
If you are feeling hungry, you can try their HotDogs! We got to try the triple cheese and the Pepperoni Dog at that day and  it was good. Especially the triple cheese! It melted  on top of the  bun and all over the sausage, just dip it in the hot sauce, then freshen up with the MooLatte, and voila! You'll get every flavors inside your mouth! 

MARCH PROMO : All HotDog (except Chili melt) priced 25k Every Sunday!

Overall, Dairy Queen presents a fresh home made soft serve ice cream to us, with a taste that is lovable to any age and enjoyable at any time of the day. By the crowd and the happy expression on their faces, I can tell how much people loves this ice cream, and I do too! But the space is really small in Pakuwon which sometimes makes it feels too tight inside, especially when there are many kids involved, lol.. But other than that, everything was good.

DAILY PROMO for Pakuwon Mall ONLY!
Monday      : Blizzard buy 1 get 1 free 
Tuesday      : Moolatte buy 1 get 1 free
Wednesday : Sundae buy 1 get 1 free
Thursday    : Citrus Cooler buy 1 get 1 free
Friday         : Waffle treats disc 25% off
Saturday     : Blizzard buy 2 get 3
Sunday       : Blizzard buy 2 get 3
(Valid until the end of March or as long as the stock lasts)

That's pretty much all for today's blog post and I hope you enjoy reading it and find it helpful for you. Spread the words about Dairy Queen's new opening in Pakuwon Mall by sharing the link of my blog on your social media or just simply to your friends who loves soft serve ice cream, especially Dairy Queen! Sharing is caring :) Also don't forget to like this blog (only if you do) on the top right of the blog, (g+1 button) and as always, I love you guys so much! xoxo

Dairy Queen
Pakuwon Mall Surabaya lt. 2
Bukit Darmo Bvu No.2, Babatan, Wiyung
10.00 AM - 10.00 PM
EDC Machine is available
Power Outlet is available
Wi-Fi is available


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