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An intro (a little rant) to Working Holiday Visa in Australia Journey

Hey Guys!
As you guys know, I've been in a very long hiatus from blogging since I moved to Australia in March 2017. It has been almost a year already and geez! How time does really flies, huh? I actually thought about making this blog post since the first day that I arrived in Australia, but oh well life happened. I know I've been making a lot of excuses to be back in writing my blog, but I think only God knows how drag someone back from the wrong way to the right way, lol..

What made me stop writing was actually the same exact reason why I didn't start writing back in my University years. It was because of the camera! Back then I didn't want to start blogging because I didn't have a proper camera, and now my camera is half broken and I completely broke my 16mm lens too, so then I left with my iPhone only. 

The camera quality of my phone is actually not bad at all, and I actually did try to blog with the pictures that I captured from my iPhone, but I always thought it was not enough since I already set my picture quality in a certain standard, so yeah I left everything in draft and just like that.. I stopped blogging.

I'm such a bad example, I know. I used to and still tell all of my readers or followers to never wait for anything in terms of starting a blog or any other creative platform that they want to start making. I tell them to start with whatever they have at the moment, because if they wait, they probably would never even start. Just like what has been happening with me right now, I just stop.....

But I can forgive myself a little bit because I didn't actually stop creating  content, I still do, a little bit. I tried to compensate by making YouTube videos with my iPhone. and meanwhile, I got caught up in my comfort zone by not doing any writing at all. I got lazy and kept on blaming my working hours as a hospitality worker in here (which actually also true). But that still can't be used as an excuse, I know if I push myself a little harder, it all still can be done.

Fast forward to this date, I am now officially left with nothing...

My iPhone battery is now working very poorly, together with the cable charger as well, like... at the very exact same time. *cringe* So my life is basically a major struggle right now and I understand myself enough to know that if I don't create something in between my stress, I could actually become depressed. I'm assuming this is how God giving me a little 'push' to go back in writing again.

So yeah!
This is me.. In front of my laptop again, typing things.. I'll start with something basic for my next post, which is How to Apply for Working & Holiday Visa to Australia from Indonesia in 2018. Exciting enough for you? Or not at all? Hahaha.. Anyways, I have to sleep now because I'm working in the morning tomorrow, but I'll definitely see you guys on my next post soon, okay!

And if there's anyone reading this, would you comment with any of your thoughts? I would love to read them and reply them :)

Love you,


  1. So glad to know you’re finally going back to blogging, ce!❤️😍 Cannot wait for your upcoming posts, but still, don’t stress yourself too much if you find yourself being a little productive sometimes. There will be days where we are needed to rest, and I can totally relate to the ‘depressed’ thing when it comes to postponing productivity.🤗 Have a good one! x | www.shelovesbreadpudding.com | @surabayatells

  2. a little unproductive* ehe typo😅

    1. Thank you so much Janice :)
      Hahah.. Glad to know someone can relate.. You too, don’t be so hard on yourself okay!
      God bless :*

  3. Bekerja dan berlibur? sepertinya menjadi impian bagi banyak orang kak.. he he. Trimakasih atas inspirasi dan infonya.

  4. It shouldn't be like this.
    I remember I blogged only by a smartphone in 2008. Those were days when I couldn't plug my laptop to internet coz it costed too much. But I pushed to write everyday in my phone, I posted everyday, and I gained at least 20 comments per post. Who said it needed camera to blog?

    But perhaps, all we need to start to blog is just by remembering that there were a lot of people who wait for our writings. And that's what I did. As I read comments from my readers, I wrote comment back to their own blog, and they commented on my blog again, and that's what made blogging really interesting.

    I think you should find your own motivation again.

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  13. been following you since... idk 2016, perhaps? I do like your review about cafes and restaurants and foods around Surabaya at first. But then, you left us to Aussie :( I know there are quite many of bloggers that shares the same thing but, I do more like yours by the way you explain it to us also with the picture (also the menu prices :p). hehehe then I watched some of your videos, then I forget about you at times but whenever I'm looking for cafe/resto ideas on google, I always remember you ce hahahaha and visited your blog sometimes eventho there were no changes. I knew this post that time but haven't read this at all. until now. I even write a comment. just to make sure that you don't need to blame yourself for your "life happened". we're all been in your position, in any ways. I even left my empty blog bcs I don't know what and how to write. so, cheer up and stop those struggles :D I'm looking forward to your return ce hahaha back to this blog and also back to Surabaya so that you can review many places you've missed. hihihi Godbless! | xx @vickyarl







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