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Starting my blogging journey again, this time I decided to let Google decide. I was quite hungry since I just finished my morning barista shift, so I needed something to fill in my tummy. I looked up online and came across this cafe that’s actually in a quite variety list, such as Melbourne’s Top 20 Cafes for 2017, Melbournes Best Brunch In The CBD, The Best Coffee In The Melbourne CBD, and so on so on. So I thought, ah this might be a good idea..

White Mojo

Located in Hardware Lane, across the infamous Hardware Society, White Mojo is pretty much easy to find. And just like its name, most of the interior design is actually dominated by white, marble grey and also a touch of polished wood here and there (and everywhere, lol), overall the atmosphere is pretty comfy. They have some seatings in the outdoor area and also heaps on the inside. In total, White Mojo can fit for 70 people.

There was a sign “Please wait to be seated”, but it took them less than a minute to greet me and let me in. I grabbed my seat inside, in the corner of the communal table, which is a sharing table. They got me a jug of water, a glass and gave me the menu straight away. They asked me if I wanted to drink something or if I wanted to look at the menu first, I chose the latter, so then the waitress left.

This is where it gets exciting. So, I was looking at the menu, pretty much confused about what to pick, since there's no pictures, and I'm a very visual person, so I opened their Instagram, and try to look from there. I was about to go with the Soft Shell Crab Burger, very excited about it because it looked so good. Then I looked around, tried to give a hint to the waitress that I was ready to order, but none of them were looking at me. There were three person on the floor, and two at the bar. None of them was looking towards my direction.

They were walking around, and checking the tables, all around but somehow their eyes skipped my existence, I don’t know if its because I was sitting in the corner, or they were justtoo busywith themselves. I tried to wait, because usually, if the floor person knew that a customer hasn’t ordered anything, they would come to the table and asked if the customer needed help, or needed more time to pick the menu. But it just didnt happen to me. They basically just ignored me, whether it is by accident or not, it kind of pissed me off.

I waited for almost 15 minutes in my seat, I just watched them, looked at each of them in the eye and wished anyone would notice me. And then there’s this girl, she just finished taking order for a table that came five minutes after me and sat just five metres from me. She took their order, and walked passed my face, I waved at her, she looked at me and she gave me the “just a momenthand code. I felt a bit at peace because finally someone noticed me, but  NOPE! She actually forgot about me, and just did anything she had to do but to come to my table and serve me.

So in the end, I basically waited for more than 15 minutes to be served. Another girl came to my table and about to serve other people (yes, not me) that was sitting with me (it’s a shared table), and then I just said to her, “Hey, can I order?” And she said yes.

At that point, I was honestly just already lost my appetite. I even wanted to walk out, but I made myself a promise to make a blog post, and I'm just too tired to move to another cafe. I really just wanted to finish what I need to do there and get it over with. So I ordered something else in the menu, I went with the cheaper choice, because I didn't want to spend that much anymore. Was about to order coffee as well, but then I thought, mmm.. meh!

I took out my camera and started taking pictures and video all around the place, after that, I went back to my table and waited. I looked around at those waitress again, they were actually pretty attentive, they do their job pretty decently and friendly to the other customers. It was just my bad luck that I had to experience this, but it still did happen to me, and it made me unhappy.

Crushed Greens ($17.5)
Not too long after, the food came, and it was actually not what I was expecting. I was looking at other this girl’s plate when I was waiting to be noticed by the waitress, and on this girls plate it has half avocado on it, so I thought it was this dish, but turns out it was completely different thing. But nonetheless, it was still a beauty. Plating was great and it tasted delicious. I think it has some garlic in it, I couldn’t finish everything, but the bread was toasted to perfection and just overall nice.

I was actually writing the blog post on the spot at White Mojo,  while I was eating my lunch there. I brought my laptop with me to reduce the amount of procrastination that I've been having all these time when I didn't write my blog, haha. After I finished writing and also eating, I stopped by at their toilet and quite surprised that they put their staff locker in the ladies bathroom, LOL.


After that I walked out to the cashier, wanted to pay, 3 staffs were there, they were in the middle of giggling and chatting when I arrived at the till. By the way, the girl that gave me the 'just a moment' hand sign and completely forgot about me afterwards, was on the till. She was still laughing and still trying to continue her chat with the other waitress while I was standing right in front of her, waiting to be served and pay my bills. She stopped laughing after I stood there for 10 seconds and her mate poked her, giving her sign to served me. And then she asked me, "How's everything?" without even looking at me in the eye, and I could tell she didn't really care about my experience in here either. So I just said that it was good, paid the bills and go. I don't know if it was just me, or she just really has an attitude. meh.

But anyways.. That’s all from me today. All in all, I think White Mojo is a good pick to get your brunch in Melbourne CBD. I just wished they could improve in the service. It wasn't bad to begin with, but there's always room for improvement, right? Hopefully, if you ever come here to eat, you will get better dining experience than mine :) Until next time! xoxo.

Business Hours : Mon - Fri : 7 AM - 4 PM | Sat - Sun : 8 AM - 5 PM
Coffee : Yes
Brunch : Yes
Indoor Capacity : +- 50
Outdoor Capacity : 16
Total Capacity : +- 70
Waiting Time : 10-15 Minutes
Range Price : $20-$30/person
Ambiance : White
Toilet : Yes
WiFi : Yes | Password : whitemojo2015
Vegan Vegetarian Options : Yes


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