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Hi.. My name is Laura
I'm a blogger and a part timer of anything else

I wanted to write about the world.. Because traveling is what I love to do and what I wanted to do for the rest of my life.. If I have a lot of money, I could just grab my backpack and go travel all by myself, I could, really.. I would! Or if someone told me that they would pay for my ticket to fly somewhere, I'd definitely fly there.. I don't mind if I don't have a home or going ANYWHERE all by my self, lol.. You can call me crazy, but I'd rather say that I have a free spirit.. :)

I love meeting new people, I love trying something new, I always open to new things, don't ever hesitate to say hi if you notice me around :) I love beaches, I love mountains, I love doing or watching sports, I love foods. I can ride a motorcycle or a bicycle, but I love driving a car, I can even live there, I always wanted to do a road trip someday or maybe own a home truck!

I can't live without music, I love to sing, play the guitar, going to a rave party or a concert. I can't help but sing, dance and jump wherever I hear my favorite songs played.. Seeing someone can play music instruments never failed to excites me, I don't care if it's in a concert, in a cafe, in a mall, in church, in a party, on the street or even on youtube.. I will always stare in awe.. I adore the work of art such as paintings or sculptures.. Going to the museum has always been interesting..

Amusement Parks, Carnavals, Festivals, Playground, everything that ends with -Land which has games to play, things to ride, parade to watch or music to dance to, I LOVE THEM! And ohh, never forget about skyscrapers where I can see the city lights, and a place where I can lie down and see the sky with full of stars, they are always always in my travel bucket list. <3

I can do a lot of things, I can travel anywhere and now I got all the time I have
So if you want to collaborate or have a partnership with me and this blog

or else,
Happy Reading!


ikediyahpravitasari.wordpress.com said...

nice blog, very informative, vivid color, u succesfully express your feeling and it impress me

A said...

hello laura! your blog is nice and very informative!

Unknown said...

haii Laura..
Nice to read your story..
i love travelling too, but now i still make it true to travel around the world with my bussiness right now, :D
Wish we can go to all of paradise in earth yaa :D

Salam kenal, zhila

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown said...

cara subscribenya gmn ya?

Unknown said...

Hi Laura,

I was just looking around about new hangout places in Surabaya and google take me to your blog. It's fun and excites me when reading your blog, and more excited to read your profile that you love traveling and doing your own adventure, and that "free spirit" sounds similar with me though.

Thank you for your reviews, it helps me a lot to find and try new places for hangout. And if you have any free time, my family just open a new culinary place named "Roemah Balle Coffee" located in Jl. Baratajaya XIX No. 92. Would be nice if you can drop a visit.

Thank you so much, Laura :)

Southern Food Junkie said...

You have a really nice blog. Very nice layout.

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