Pokzilla Surabaya (Review) 5 Things You Need to Know! + SURPRISE at The End of The BlogPost!
Having a Personal Assistant via YesBoss! (review) + PROMO CODE!


Do you want me to travel to your city or your country and report all the beauties of its place on my blog?
Do you want me to review your hotel or your hostel or your home stay?
Do you want me to review your cafe or your restaurant?
Do you want me to taste and introduce your new menu to my readers?
Do you want me to bring and use your products along on my journey?
Do you want to drop by and show a little support or just say hi to me?
Do you have something you wanted to ask about anything that's on my blog?
Do you want to give me any constructive feedback?
You are so welcome to do it!
If you have any ideas, requests, suggestions, or business proposal, just let me know..

Feel free to drop me an email here: hi@laurangelia.com

I will try my best to respond ^^

You can also stay in touch with me through my :
- Blog post update
- I sometimes share things that I only want to share with my readers here

- Blog post update
- Selfies (lots of it)
- Random pictures of my daily life

- Blog post update
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- Random Activities

- Ask me anything! As long as it is polite, I'll try my best to answer..

Thank you so much!


Anonymous said...

tadaaaaa !! hai,Lala !! nice blog,dear hehehe

Laura Angelia said...

Heeiii.. ♡
Hihihi.. Thank you for stopping by!

Unknown said...

Ceee nggak pernah coba di palacio coffee bar ta cee? 😁😁

Michael 黄 Huang said...

hi laura , i like your blog very much
anw , one thing to ask
i want to have my private birthday dinner , can you give me any recommendation ? it would be so nice , thanks !

Unknown said...

Hello,,, suka banget sama blog ini, pusat referensi tempat-tempat yang harus didatengin, khususnya tentang kuliner di Surabaya... Saya sering banget visit blog ini selain follow Instagram, YouTube, Facebook dan lagi nge-add Path-nya, hehehee... semoga diapprove...
By the way, saya suka banget review-nya bener-bener objective dan independent. Suka ya suka, bagus ya bagus, engga ya engga, dan yang paling penting reasonable. Keep up the good work sis. I love it.

Unknown said...

Please share dong waktu travelling ke Jepang...
Thank you... :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Lala.. pernah ke all u can eat Vasa Hotel ga? kalau pernah, ditunggu review nya.. hehe.. Thanks anw...

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