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First Trip!

I was just officially 23rd on August 16th
And for the whole of my life, I never had a step out from this country
But not anymore!
Because this year (finally!), I get the chance to do my very first overseas trip to :


Annyeong Haseyo! 안녕하세요!

I'm so happy finally I could go
and I'm paying everything by my own money, my own saving! 
I'm so proud of myself and also I really thank God for this huge opportunity :)

I'll keep posting from today until the very end of my trip!
From the preparation, how to, destinations, and more, hohoho..
So keep reading guys..
Here's a little hint :
The date is September 29th until October 7th 2012
I'm not alone, I'm with my current best partner in crime Silvia Liman Hartono 
(search her on facebook, she's lovely!)
Our destinations is pretty much to Seoul & Jeju Island
(I hope we got the chance to Naminara Island too, but we'll see) 

That's enough for today's post, see u!


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