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Got the Visa!

My Passport Case & My Visa ^^

Thank God.. I finally got the Visa for my trip to South Korea.. I'm so happy! I'm also feel so blessed, I really am sure, it's not because of me, because of the agent, or my friend, I believe it's all God's work! Why?
1. I have never been to anywhere else before
(my passport is still empty, I just made it 2 weeks before I applied the visa)
2. I don't have much money in my bank account
(in my recommendation letter from BCA, wittten only 13M in my account and it's not consistant 13M for 3 months in a row)
3. The Visa Process turns out to be so fast
Because the embassy of South Korea is in Jakarta, I decided to ask travel agent for a help, and after I compared with another, Vaya Tour gives the best price and offer the fastest process.. I had prepared all the things to apply the visa (even over prepared, haha..) Here's what I submitted :
1. Visa Application Form
2. Photo 4x6 2 pieces
3. Empty Passport
4. Employment Letter from my company
5. Day off letter information
6. Birth Certification
7. Family Card (Kartu Keluarga)
8. Identity Card
9. My 'Low Budget' Itinerary Trip (I made it myself)
10. Insurance from AXA which worth Rp. 290.000,-
11. Ticket to Korea (booked)
12. Ticket to Jeju (booked)
13. Hostel Voucher in Seoul (booked)
14. Hostel Voucher in Jeju (booked)
15. Annual Tax Letter (Surat Pajak Tahunan)
16. Bank Account book past 3 months
17. Carbonized Employee's Fee 2 past months
18. Recommendation Letter from BCA
19. Name Card
20. Money Rp. 390.000,- (Visa Fee)
I sent the application form at 11/9/2012 and they said the process would be in 2 weeks + 2 days shipping, which is should be about September 27th, just 2 days before my departure.. Really thank God they have already give me the result yesterday 20/9/2012.. And it's succeed!



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