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Korea Trip Day 1

My neighbour was sleeping really peacefully LOL
Good Morning Seoul! (sunrise)

Please mind our just-wake-up faces ^^
I didn't take that many pictures in  Incheon T__________________T but this airport is sooo huge and clean!

Seriously this bag is so heavy!
Train Station Elevator

In front of Hostel
Our Hostel -BangRang-

Hershey Milk Chocolate

silly move

More silly moves

Silvia Said, "Hey La.. Look it's so you!! hahaha..."

I'd really love to put a love chain.. but I don't have any couple.. My couple left me, LOL.. Well.. I could only see Silvia put on hers.. Maybe next time eh? ^^


  1. Nice!
    South Korea just seems so classic, clean and so natural..
    Should considering it as one of my wishlist travel country..

    Reading ur blog kinda makes me feels jealous and it's bring back a little of my passion since I never been write anything for years!

    Keep posting!


    Jesus Loves...

    1. Yes it is! You should come and have a visit there, seriously! :)
      I got that 'homesick' feelings after I went back to Indonesia, several times.. lol
      I feel like I was already at home when I were there, such a really nice and beautiful place with a really friendly people..
      I have thoughts of coming back there someday, but gosh the world is too big to go and visit a place twice, hahaha.. Maybe later.. ^^
      lol, stop being jealous and just do what you love to do, if you love to write, start writing, if you love to travel, go go go! hahaha.. Life is just too short to waste it on doing things that you don't like..

      I hope all the best for you~
      God bless ^^

    2. Indeed..
      Last year I just went to HK and Macau.. but HK is just so crowded. I think Macau is better.
      Seems South Korea is more comfort as a leisure place. I love some ancient places like old temples, old giant tree, classic houses or something.
      Japan is another nice place to visit but since it's more costly then it should be a long way for saving my money to go there.

      I hope all the best for you too!

      God Bless !





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