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Korea's Trip Preparation

Today I'm going to share to all of you about my preparation to South Korea! Hahaha~
I've been doing a lot of research about this place on the internet and the result is, "a week in South Korea is just so not enough" lol..
So, this is my guide :
uncle google
1. Google
I search everything here and it really helps! you can type anything you want to know.. I typed :
"How to apply visa to South Korea in Indonesia"
"Top Ten Most Favourite Places in South Korea"
"What to do in South Korea"
"All about Seoul"
"All about Jeju Island"
"All about South Korea"
etc etc

2. Books

Wisata Hemat KOREA (Cheap Vacation Korea), Agung Basuki
Frommer's South Korea
Actually I only read the first book (Wisata Hemat Korea), the Frommer's is my friend's book. But these two books is our main books, 'coz we don't have any other book to read, LOL.. The first book is quite good for a backpacker on a low budget like me, and it really helped me went through Visa Application to South Korea.. :)

3. KTO (Korean Tourism Organization)

This site will tell you all about South Korea, ALL OF IT! I subscribed in their facebook page and I got so many advantages from it..

I guess these three options are enough for the first timer
If you had been there, I suggest you get a Korean friend who also loves to travel. You can ask them about places, foods and everything good in South Korea that even google can't tell you..



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