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Korea Trip Day 2

Oh my God, it has been too long ago since my last post about my trip to Korea.. Maybe it's because I was too lazy to re-size all of the photos and upload it here, really.. it's been.. my bad.. I am so sorry..

And the bad news is, my camera was also broken! :'( I accidentally dropped it when I had my Christmas Dinner last year and the screen just got blank and broken.. Really crushed my heart to dust..

But thank God, my friend who gave the camera got it insured 
(probably he already knew that I'm such a clumsy person, lol)
So yeah, after 8 months of waiting for the claiming insurance process, I finally got this voucher to buy another camera. I thought I might go for another mirrorless camera, but we'll see ^_^

Well, speaking of late, I'm still going to upload the photos of my trip to Korea even though I honestly don't remember about the name of the places anymore, please forgive me, I promise I will be a better blogger after this.. :))

One of my best comfy sweater I've ever bought

So, me and Silvia was going to meet my friend in near Gangnam, Mary, who was on her training to be a girl band group at that time.

They were all so talented, I remember I got goosebumps when I heard them sang!
Ow ya, I forgot to mention the name of the girl band, it's S.O.S :)

Moving on.. Our next destination was LOTTE WORLD!
But don't get to excited, because I admit this one was some kind of dumb mistake, because we only went into the indoor theme park, we didn't go to the outdoor one.. zzz what a waste...

 Done with Lotte World, we went to Coex Mall 

I bought my all time favorite cardigan here (I wore it the day after, see my next post ^^)

Some tiny goodies for my friends :)

I really love their bookstores, they have so many cute stuffs!

Yup, Plastic Surgery Ads, haha.. Interested?



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