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Korea Trip Day 3

Hi everyone!
This is our 3rd day and we were going to the Ewha Women's University (and places near it, lol.. I'm sorry I didn't remember any of it, I'll look it up tomorrow)

We didn't do much here, just shopping, haha.. I think I bought socks, backpack, and coats.. Since it was pretty cheap.. ^^

After the shopping spree, we went to the Trick Art Museum.
Honestly we also wanted to go to some cafes.. Silvia wanted to go to the Hello Kitty Cafe and I wanted to go to cat cafes too, but it was already late, we didn't really know where were the places and we also had to catch a flight to Jeju Island this evening.. So, we sadly decided to just go to the museum instead..

I wish! hahaha..

Also wish I could eat this huge sushi, nomnomnom




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