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Korea Trip Day 4 (Jeju Island)

Today we were already in Jeju Island and we went to three places, 
 Chocolate Land, Teddy Bear Museum 
and Alive Museum (almost the same like Trick Art Museum)

In the morning, we walked around to fill in our tummy..
We were kind of shocked when we saw this restaurant named Myoung Ga, 
Because we've tasted the famous Myoung Ga in Surabaya..
So yeah, why didn't we just try the original one here? ^^


Not so yummy Makkgeolli 

Our First Stop
Chocolate Land

Second Stop
Teddy Bear Museum

Actually I took a lot of teddy bear pictures, but it would be too boring to see so many teddy bear pictures I guess, haha.. But here are my favorite ones :

Sophisticated LV Teddy

They sold these actually, but.. yea.. i couldn't buy it.. so sad..

We went outside and there were a beautiful park too

Hug-able Gigantic Bear <3 

I wish I had a boyfriend, lol

Wishes granted! lolol jk~
 Moving on to the third stop.. We strolled around the place, there was also a Ripley's Believe it or Not Museum, but we both didn't want to go there, so we walked a bit further to the Alive Museum. 
We decided to go there even though we've been to the Trick Art Museum because Alive Museum were new at that time, so we wanted to see what it looks like inside :) Who doesn't love anything new? lol

 It was huge, and had a lot more to offer
I loved it ^^
After walking around in this big museum, we ate Pizza at the cafe and I tried to talk to the waitress and asked them for good places to go at night. Luckily there was this girl who could actually speak english, but she suggested us to just go back to the hotel instead, lol.. We became friends, but she never added me on Facebook, so sad, lol.. 
Never mind, yeah she was smart and her english was really good, while the boys... They could only laughing and fooling around, haha..

Well, that's pretty much it.. See you tomorrow ^^



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