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Korea Trip Day 5 (Jeju Island)

Hello there!
Today I'm gonna tell you about my 5th day in South Korea ^^
It was our last day in Jeju Island, so we went to so many places which I hardly remember, lol
We rent a taxi for a day that cost us like, a lot of money.. but I think it was all worth it..
It's okay, we can always still have a way to earn some money, right?

So our first stop was in the beach.. I remember it was in the south of Jeju Island, but I don't remember what was the name of the beach.. Umm.. There were not so many people or tourists at that time, and the beach was also mediocre to me.. So yeah, we just took a quick tour and photos, then we left..


Our next Stop
Seongsan Illchulbong!
Waw, I remember this one! LOL
Because this place has a breath taking view, even when you're not even there yet!
I wouldn't mind getting back there because we didn't walk until at the top of it, I thought we would've wasted too much time if we did..
So we just walked a little, took pictures, and cao! hahaha..


Our next stop was not really far from Seongsan Illchulbong
In this place we could meet the old lady divers
(but we didn't, they were all too far in the bottom, yet we were up on the top of the hill)
But still, I thought they were all really cool, brave and strong for a 40 or even 50 year old lady!
*standing ovation*

they were all down there, small like an ant, can you imagine how far was that? lol


The best snack I've ever tried! So yummy~


Our Lunch


Our next stop is quite unknown
We didn't ask the driver to take us there but
The taxi driver took us to this place I don't know why..
Maybe it was because they would get a bonus or something if we bought things from this 
Well yeah.. we did.. hahaha..
The spoke person in this place told us the stories about Jeju Island, Jeju's women, and their culture, about their berries, horse calcium, and stuffs.. He was really persuasive, lol..
And he wished that I would come back there again with my boyfriend or for my honeymoon, hahaha..


Moving onn~
Here is also the place that I would love to go back
It has a really huge land
But you can only visit a certain park depends on what season are you in now
I wish I could visit the Sunflower park, but it's only available on Summer..
After all, I didn't regret I have visited this place because the view that I witnessed at that time, 
I couldn't even describe how beautiful it was..

Really pretty right?


Next Stop, Eco Land ^^
In this place, we went sightseeing with small train like in a theme park
The train would stop at all of their destinations, and if we wanted to go to the next destination, we had to wait for the next train that came up 

soo refreshing! :)


After Eco Land, we went to this mysterious road that did some kind of magic
If you go pass the road with your car, even if your car is in the neutral position, your car would still go forward, and the road is uphill! How cool is that? lol
We took off from the car and tried to put our mineral water bottle in that uphill road, 
and after several attempts, the bottle went up by itself, uuu~


Not too far from that road, we stopped at this museum, muahahahah
It was a Love or Sex Museum
I can't show you all of the pictures, because it contains nudity and sexual stuffs
I don't know how old are all of my readers would be
but yeah, it was pretty unique for a museum

That's all for Jeju Island Trip!
See you in my next post



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