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Last Days in Korea

Hello everyone!  ^^
Today I'm going to share to all of you about my last days in Korea
I didn't take that many pictures in my last days, so I'll try my best to elaborate..
As far as I remember,
Early in the morning, me and Silvia flew back to Seoul
and then both of us decided to go separate ways.. 
Silvia wanted to go to Gangnam to shop some branded stuffs, 
meanwhile I wanted to go to the Naminara Island..
Instead of going to the Naminara Island, I stayed in the hostel and talked with Mr. Seung Beom Kim, 
*he's the owner of the hostel that I stayed*
 At first, I asked him about how can I reach Naminara Island from the hostel..
He explained to me very patiently and I could tell he's one of a detail oriented man, 
with a passion of travelling too
but later on, I started to ask him about many things, lol..
And after some talking sessions, he offered me to go grab some food with him, I said, "Lets!"

He took me to eat Chicken Soup (it was his treat, what a really kind man!)
It was a nice evening, I suddenly forgot about my plan to go to Naminara Island, lol..
I think it was better to have a chit chat with local people, sharing stories about each of our culture, life journey, trying local food, drinking their famous soju, taking the bus, etc.. 
Naminara Island won't go anywhere, lol..
my very first soju
At night, I took a walk around the city, heading to Cheonggyecheon Stream
I wish we had one of a stream like this back in Surabaya

Then I walked again, visited Korean Tourism Organization's Office

Met these Rappers who's surprisingly had many fans, but I still don't know who they are until now

Later on, I visited Hongdae area where there were many young people gather around and had fun
Gained some friends there, it was a fun night..


On our last day,
I think I spent it on the hostel, sleeping, packing..
In the evening, I went to buy some gifts for my friends
I also took pictures wearing hanbok ^^
And then I went to have dinner with Silvia
We ate fried chicken and drank soju
We talked about our whole journey together
and then we decided to have some fun together on our last night
Yeap, we went to a club and had fun.. :)

In the morning, we rushed into the airport
I had to give up my expensive juice that I bought back in Jeju island also my expensive scissors,
because I forgot to put them into my luggage, I put it on my hand carry bag instead.. Crap.. 
But other than that, everything was saved..

So that was my journey in South Korea last year..
I promise you, ater this I would take more detailed pictures and also take notes everywhere I go..
Hope you all enjoy what I wrote
see you on my next post

much love!





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