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My First Visit to Our Bar Surabaya! (Updated 28th Oct 2013)

Hi guys..
Yesterday I got a surprise call from my friend, Yohan..
We haven't seen each other in a while, he asked me if i were in Surabaya or in Jakarta,
And when I told him I was in Surabaya, he just said, "Ok.. I'll pick you up now, go and get dressed!"
I was like, "Whaaatt?!" But I agreed anyway, lol
Because first, I haven't met him in a while, I had to catch up and update what has been going on with his life, haha..
Second, when I asked him where were we going, he said, "Umm.. Maybe Pisa Cafe or Ourbar.."
And I was like, "OURBAR! I never been there before!" And he said, "Ok, let's go to Ourbar then"
Yay! ^^
Third, there were also yinyin, one of my prettiest friend~ 
booya! ♡
We are friends.. Like.. In BBM, in Line, in Instagram, in Facebook, we also met several times, 
but we never hang out and have fun together, LOL
that sounds really sad... hahaha..
Fourth, I heard many people would be there.. Well, gaining more new friends? Shouldn't say no to that! ^^

Okay.. So this is Ourbar!
*I didnt take many pictures of the places, because there were so many people there and my friends were kind of embarrassed when I took pictures here and there, so I was just taking pictures as normal as possible, lol*
-UPDATED- I got all the pictures I needed now, haha!

This is a living room or a waiting room I guess..
If the place is fully booked, this is the place where you'll gonna wait until your turn to get in

Total vintage look, just like in a cowboy movies
People are allowed to smoke inside the room, if you are a drinker & a smoker, you'll gonna love this place

This is nor the place to see & to be seen, this is the place to share your smiles & laugh knowing each other like a family
Stranger just gave me a peace sign, lol

But if you are not a smoker, there is also an outdoor section of this place 

I think it will be more convenient for me to have my table in the outdoor 
since I always prefer to be in a non smoking area.. & the atmosphere is much better there
even though sometimes you will feel a little bit humid
*but anyways, our place were inside, haha*
We sat right next to the stage where the home band performs

 I love the mic they were using! So cool!
Maybe someday when the place is not so crowded 
*which is impossible*
I will try to sing up on the stage just for the sake of trying that cool mic! Haha..

Here are some pictures for the night~

Yohan & Luci


Crazy guys

Meet Yinyin <3

Andrew? He called me Lulu the whole night :/
The Girls ^^
Ow ya, these are the menu if you want to calculate how much money you should prepare, haha..

They got a yummy baby back ribs & potato wedges!!

You can also meet a lot of foreigner here! <3
To me, it is such a huge PLUS, haha.. I love them.. :p

I'm rating this place with ★★★★☆

Jl. Embong Cerme 17
Monday - Saturday
5 p.m - 2 a.m
SMOKING AREA (Indoor or Outdoor)
Phone : 08819004264
Blackberry PIN : 32754426

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  1. Hi Laura, thank you for this post. I moved to Surabaya since 2012 from Jakarta and still looking for place like Loewi etc in Surabaya. by this blog, i already knew that Surabaya had one of the coolest place to chill (maybe).

    Looking forward to your next blog. Best, Ryan =)

  2. Oh, hi Ryan..
    I'm so glad that my blog post could help you discover some cool places in Surabaya ^^
    Thank you for your support!

  3. Yeah, waiting the new one. Maybe you have other recommendation place like Our Bar :)
    God Bless Laura. ^^

    1. You can go to Domicile or Society Complex, it's really popular right now in Surabaya.. :)
      For beers, wine, alcohol.. You can try Capital, Spazio, or Buzzerd.. ^^

  4. Btw, yg foto terakhir itu pak konjen Amerika yg lg berdiri, hehehe





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