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Hi there!
Haha.. I know the title would probably make you think this post contains something romantic, lol~
This is just a one fine saturday, but I spent almost the whole day with my partner in crime, Silvia
Okay, now the title sounds kind of gay.. But, whatever~

So.. I've promised Silvia to give her company because she wanted to cut her hair short
*kind of excited, because her hair is soooo loonngg*

She cut it in Shinjuku in Klampis with her favorite hairdresser, Daru

I was kind of bored so I took a lot of selfies at the salon, hehe~

I took way a lot more than these, but I show you guys just the good ones, haha
After the first cut
This is Daru
Finish cutting
She usually looks younger than her age because of her chubby cheek, big eyes, full side bangs, her fun size tall, and of course.... her clothes, lol..
But with this cut, she looks way younger.. zzz..
Finish Look ^^
After the cut, we went to Galaxy Mall for a little walk, window shopping and dining..
We took our time, because we rarely go to this mall as it's so far away from our house..

After put on a little of make up, gosh.. so pretty!
I felt so old taking pictures with her :/

And then we didn't know where to go, so we just made a journey back home, to the WEST!

Stopped by at the Mc.Donalds satisfying our sweet tooth
Got a little bit crazy on our way..

Then we ended up to the Capital with the rest of our friends..
And we went home by midnight~

I wonder how was your weekend, but I don't think I have that many of readers right now, haha..
Feel free to comment down below if you would like..
I'll be happy to read and respond ^^



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