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Stay Strong!

I've seen and heard a lot of dramas in my friend's relationship since I was in University
I guess that's when people thought they were ready to be in a relationship
Yeah, I had mine too at that time
It was perfect on its first year, I can really tell how insanely happy I was at that time
And when it came to an end, I got devastated, BIG TIME 

I suffered : freakin' heartache, hated myself, hated him, crying hard almost everyday for a year maybe? And still mourned for a year later, feeling down, feeling lonely, feeling unloved, having the thought that I wasn't good enough, the thought that no one is going to love me like he did, the thought that i couldn't be happy and strong without him around, the thought that i guess it was all of my fault, i kept thinking about how could i ever live again, my life was empty, almost gave up, i couldn't even laugh in picture, only fake smiles attached, felt too ugly..
i have changed myself a lot after that, and the way i see life, the way i see love, are totally different now..
I think i buried my heart in a place that i don't even know where 
All I want to say is, I've been there.. And it takes different amount of time for us to heal the pain from a broken heart, for me? Years!
And here I am now, still alive, with a scar, but much happier and also wiser (i was once way too naive and plain)..

This post is actually inspired from a friend of mine whose just broke up,
Honestly, maybe I'm the happiest person when I knew that they finally broke up, and I was the first person she told about it
But just a minute after cheering for myself, I realized it was definitely not a happy moment for her
And I tried my best to cheer her up, I also sent her many quotes (I do suck at comforting people, but at least I tried)

I love reading quotes, because every quotes are made from memories, feelings, experiences, life journey that people try to sum it up in sentences..

I hope these quotes could make you stronger just like it does to me all the time :)


  1. Once a wise man ever said "All ending are just a new beginning".
    Lord Jesus bless..

    1. Can't agree more.. ^^
      Thank you Mr. Blue Apple~
      Jesus bless you too





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