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TGIF~ My First Visit to : Canary Cafe & Store Surabaya


Hi Guys!

I've been away & busy hanging out with my friends lately..

I'm sorry for not updating my blog for a while~

I actually wrote something about how to get rid of acne, but I still saved it in draft

I am not really sure about posting it right now, haha..

So! Anyways.. 
Last Friday night I went to this new cafe near my house named Canary with Fiony & Silvia, 
then we met Grace there, so we ended up hanging out together until the rest of the night..

The place has sections of floor :
On the first one there's the Canary Cafe

There's the lobby, the cashier & the kitchen, tables and chairs for the customers & a small room with a transparant glass wall for the office..
The Lobby
*just realize she's in the frame, and when i look again, i think i know this girl, lol*

The Kitchen & The Cashier
You have to order yourself at the cashier, and then the waiter would deliver your order to your table

Moving on to the second floor, there are more tables & chairs and also a section of a clothing boutique

The stairs
Cute table & chair for 2

The Boutique

Kitchen View

My Opinion :
I love their interior design, looks so vintage but yet it's modern..
The atmosphere is pretty nice.. Perfect for a small girls gathering.. or for a date~ 

I haven't tried all of their foods and drinks but my friends said they love Canary's Katsu Waffle.. I've tried it and it was delicious!

However, I didn't like how they arrange the cafe on the first floor.. 
Because it feels so small & tight..
I think they should get rid of the office room with the glass wall & 
just change it into a VIP room for  the Cafe..
I also didn't like how the Kitchen is so visible.. 
Oh sorry, I have no problem with watching them cooking, 
but I kind of feel uncomfortable with smelling everything they cook, 
and how my hair & my clothes would smell too.. :(

And um.. The price is quite expensive.. *for me*

You won't get out from Canary without spending minimum 70k or 80k up / 7 or 8 US Dollars up..
*if you want to have a drink and a snack*
I would prefer to spend maximum 50k / 5 USD, if it's only for snacks and a light drink..

So I'm rating this place with ★★★☆☆

Canary Cafe & Store
Ruko Pakuwon Square, AK-2 No. 47 Surabaya
11 am - 10 pm (until 12 am on weekends)

After Canary, we went to Capital for a wine..

But not for a long time, because we were moving to OurBar to meet more of our friends there..
That's why I can update my OurBar blog post with more photos, yay!
I also tried their oh-so-yummy baby back ribs..
If you want to see the pics, just visit my OurBar blogpost right after this post ^^
Thank you!

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  1. I've tried Canary too! Awesome new hangout place, their coffee is amazing. Price wise... Isn't Capital and OurBar more expensive?! HAHA! Nice blog, though!

    1. Lol..
      Yes Capital & OurBar is more expensive, but you can't compare Canary to them.. They are different.. ^^
      Canary is more to Daily Sweet or Gourmand..
      Everybody has their own perspective.. Thanks for commenting though, appreciate it :)

  2. Wow looks like u're enjoying life. Drink n snack for 70? that's a good bargain!

    1. I am! And you should too.. :)
      If it's a good bargain to you, awesome! You should come to Canary and tried their Katsu Waffle ^^ Or try everything else.. You can tell me later here.. thanks for commenting..

  3. Replies
    1. Terima kasih sudah mampir.. ^^
      Barusan saya upload info tentang tempat hangout baru di Surabaya, boleh dibaca :)
      Salam kenal

  4. same to u, i even don't like to see behind the scene of our menu :D

  5. terimakasih atas infonya kak,,, sangat menarik artikelnya





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