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Weekend OOTD & Pino's Birthday Bash!

Hi guys..
Weekend is coming and tomorrow is Pino's Birthday!
If you don't know who he is, he's one of my bestfriend, 
Let's say he's my brother from another mother ^^

Anyway, I'm going to share to all of you what I did on my weekend
First.. This is my Outfit Of The Day

I really love this dress, I bought it months ago in Shopa Room when they open pre order for Bangkok Stuffs 
And those are also my favorite nude heel! Because it's so high, love it!
I don't have many heels anyways, hahaha..

 Selfies of the day~

Took a lot of self pictures because I was too bored waiting for Grace picked me up
*good alibi huh? lol*

I went to Isola The Spazio, to meet up & chit chat with my long-time-no-see friends 
Grace & Princess
This is Grace

This is Princess on her neon casual blazer, she looks a lot like her name right? So pretty ^^

I also gained new friend there, meet Cindy! ♥

It was a lovely evening & I ate Caesar Salad and a litle bit of Grace's yummy fried rice

Princess's rawon~
After that, I was picked up to go to my next destination, Surabaya Town Square (Sutos)
We were going to Inul Vizta (karaoke), this was the place where Pino celebrated his birthday

Anthony's flying without wings style, lol
Huge fan of westlife
Meet beloved Silvia, my partner in crime.. 

Not so ready ce Lia, hahaha..
Really enjoy her singing time
Pino & Wisnu leading "Buka Sitik Jos" dance

Let's get the party started~

Meet the guys! up : Anthony, VT, Pino, Wisnu down : Jojo, Selwyn, Yans, Daniel, Ndek (left to right)

Preparing the cake and the present before 12 am

so yummy!


Anthony aggressively hugging Pino, lol


Drink one pitcher of beer



change his clothes right away~

Me drinking, appreciating the birthday boy~

Happy Birthday Pino!
All the best for you ^^

All I can say about that night, it was crazy, epic & remarkable
Well, let's call it a night
I hope you guys had a great weekend too there



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