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Cell Group Fellowship at KVH Spazio Surabaya

Every monday night I have a cell group fellowship, our cell group name is "Super Cell" because it contains with 'Super' people.. And by that, I mean Super skinny, super fat, super funny, super tall, and we super love and always support each other ♥

Usually, we do our cell group in our base camp, Alfa Omega Church or in one of our houses..
But once in a while, we also have fun together and just hangout in a Mall, watch movie in a cinema, dinner in a cafe or even we go to further place like out of town..

Last monday, we went to a Cafe named KVH in Spazio.. There were 9 of us at that time..

We chatted, had dinner, we played card games, and also got busy with our own gadget, lol..
I didn't think about reviewing the place, but I'll show you some pictures of the walls and the foods

Yes, it's on the wall

And these are my lovely super
With all of their gadgets
Played Capsa
My Cell Leader

Was he sleeping? Was the granny starring? >o<
Trying so hard to play Line Pop
Tastes really good~ 50k
Too creamy & too sweet in my opinion
Nothing can beat my all time favorite Starbucks Green Tea Cream, this one, just okay~ 30k
At 10 pm, after some of us left home, we had this deeper chat about relationship and stuffs..
And it was nice to hear what my so called family thought about it..
It was a lovely night..

Today I skip my cell group because I fell asleep & when I woke up, nobody was home & they left me & locked me inside the house, what the.... -___-"

See you in my next post!
ps : I'm so happy today! yay!


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