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Halloween Party at Fabbrica Surabaya

Hi Hi..
I'm sure some of you probably have seen some photos of myself according to the Halloween Party right? And now I'm going to give you more details about it. So the party actually quite incidental.. The idea came up on Saturday, and the party would be on Thursday, so I don't have any time to prepare any costume, I don't have that much money to rent also. I actually didn't plan to come to the party at Fabbrica, because of having no costume, but since my other friend also asked me to come to Bangi Kopitiam (the place is next to Fabbrica), I decided to come but probably just for taking pictures and say hi to them~

I never dressed up or even going to any of Halloween Party, EVER. But I kind of feel bad if I don't put any effort.. So I tried to put on some make up to appreciate the invitation *my make up also limited* :(

So here I am, trying to be a creepy doll

do I look creepy enough?

At first, when I came there, I kind of surprised because they really DRESSED UP to the MAX, lol

and the rest of the people on the Fabbrica were looking just like ordinary customer, wearing no costume at all


Stefany & sLim


Meli, Stefany, Fiony

The Couple
Fiony & Pino
Marissa & Suryanto (They were the winner of The Best Dress and won 800k)

Rita & Ndek

The Boys

The Girls

Some Silly Pictures

All of us

Us, having photo sessions outside Fabbrica

sLim's in action, lol

Mermaid got all the money, lol
I tried Suryanto's costume, haha..

I hope you guys had a good time on your Halloween's Party ^^


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