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How to Remove Super Glue Off Skin

Hey Guys!
Today I finally have time to fix my dying sandals, lol..
It's my favorite one.. I bought it in Bangkok on February and been wearing it almost all the time ever since.. (because this is the only sandal I have, lol)

Why I fix it?
The sandal has like stones in the middle of it, 
but lately most of the stones were falling off :(
made it looked like they were ready to be thrown in a trash can..
But I don't want to do that..
I'm a type of girl that if something is broken, I'd rather to try fixing it than just throw it away & buy a new one.. No matter how much money I have.. Especially if it's the thing that I love..
Lol, no.. It's actually because it's my one and only sandal and I'm running out of money to buy a new one, hahahahha.. Poor me!

Well, I already bought the new stones for 10k or around USD $1 (cheap right?)
But I can't find the exact same stones like the original one, so I just bought something similar..
And this evening, I also got the superglue..

This is what it looks like after I fixed it, Yay! Looks like new, haha..

After I'm done fixing the sandals, I realized that I got quite a lot of super glue stick on to my fingers and it felt really uncomfortable.. 
As you know it was a SUPER GLUE, so it's SUPER DRY, SUPER ROUGH, also SUPER HARD to come off..

I tried to find a way from Mr. Google about how to get rid of it, and among of those solutions, this is the only thing that I wanted to try, and it WORKED! ^^

So, what you need is just an Acetone (Nail Polish Remover) and a Cotton Pad

Pour a fair amount of acetone to the cotton pad, and then just rub your fingers or the part of your skin that has a superglue on it.. Rub it for 15 to 30 seconds..
After that, with your nail, just scratch the glue and it will easily come off.. 
If it doesn't come off, rub your skin again with the acetone and scratch it again until your skin is free from the glue..

If your skin is already clean, don't forget to moisturize it with lotion as the glue and the acetone is quite harsh for your skin..
Hopefully this is helpful

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