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How to reach a million score on Pokopang (with screenshot pictures)

Hei Guys..

It's me again, haha..

Since 2 months ago, I've been poisoned by my friends to play this addictive games named Pokopang

And I'm pretty sure almost all of you had played this game at least once in your life, just because of the popularity, right? No?
I'm sure all of you had gotten the invitation to play this game on your Line chat, right?
Ow yeah.. Must be right.. You can't lie to me, just admit it.. lol!

Well, I've been playing this game for almost three months..
At first I played it because all of my friends were playing and I am such a competitive person, 
so I played until I got the highest score (at least among my closest friends) 
it's just gave me such satisfaction, lol..

Now I play it just to kill my boredom time, it still works..
I'm also playing my Candy Crush (since I finally defeated level 350), started to play Plants vs Zombies 2 and sometimes still playing O2Jam to excercise my finger
Oh I'm such a gamer >___<

Lately, I haven't play Pokopang for a while, but I remember a lot of my friends been asking me how I played it, because I always at least on the top 3 ranks 

and my score lever less than a million..


Soo.. I dedicated this blog post to all of you who has been asking me, and to all of you out there who are curious about it.. ^^

Before we get started, you have to understand about these two :

Cherries : Pure money that you earn from playing the game & from inviting people, very easy to get

Gems : The best things on this game can only be bought by gems.. How to earn it? You only earn one gem, for every level up (and trust me, you will lose gems easily because of the wrong button you touch.. Those buttons are everywhere.. Beware of this tricky game! haha) One of the main goal of the owner of this game is to make you buy gems with your real money, paid with your credit cards..


INVITE all of your Line contacts to play Pokopang, the more, the better..

Because, for a person you invite, you will get 1000 cherries each
Tips : A lot of my friends added a huge amounts of random contacts just to spread the invitation and get hundreds of thousands of cherries.. 
If you want to have a lots of cherries and also a lot of strangers on your Line contacts, do it, go ahead.. hahaha..


Collect the Friend Points to use your friend's animal as an another help to get higer score
You can get it by giving Clover to your friend (1 Friend Point each)

and if you're the one who's given the Clover by your friend, you can get 5 Friend Point each if you accept the clover less than an hour after your friend sent the Clover to you..

Tips : Always check your Line every time it rings, if it is a clover from your friend, hurry open your Pokopang Application and accept the clover plus get the 5 friend points, haha.. 

But I'm 100% sure sooner or later it will be the most annoying thing on earth, 

because I get a lot of notification from Pokopang myself and now I end up turning off all of the alert from my friends who play Pokopang, hahah..
like this?


Upgrade your fruits to increase your hit power (this really helps you to get a great score)


Open all of the animal slots if you can (because it needs a lot of gems) 

 Do the summons until you get the strongest animal

When you feel that you are good enough in playing this game, try using all of the item shop to boost more of your score..

Tips : Remember that every time you use the item, it will automatically used again for your next game, so don't rush yourself to click the READY button, or you will lost a lot of cherries and also Friend Points..

Play fast! Practice makes perfect.. The longer the chain, the better.. Don't stop the combos..

Always keep your fire for the "Bingo" time, and use all of your helping items before the time runs out.. Don't left anything for "Bonus Time", such a waste of score..

Last but not least

If you get "Lucky", then you are Lucky!

(especially when the chain is long and you're in "Bingo" time, usually 15k/explosion)

Another tips :
 Pokopang usually throw an event that you can take it as an advantages.. Sometimes they give you double cherries or double experience, discount for item shop, discount for buying gems, etc.. Pay attention for it :)

Completing the Daily Mission will also give you the Bonus Stage where you can get at least a thousand of cherries for free (if both of your finger and your eyes are quick)

Every 15 times you play the games, you can get free item from the Lucky Machine.. Make yourself notice the pipe chart in the START button.. :)

If you follow all of these tips, I'm sure a million is just a piece of cake ^_^

PS : I just found out that my friend who made the 3 millions score adds a lot of stranger on his Line (his cherries are 30 thousands and still has a lot more new friends to invite) his fruits level is 78, he bought the gems with his credit card, open all of the animal slots and have the strongest animal, and he has a very quick motion of finger when he plays, lol..

Good luck! 

I hope this post will help you gamers to play a little bit better

Share with me your highest score and maybe your own secrets on the comment section down below? :) 

Happy Gaming ^^

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  1. Great post. One add, if you pause the game before of one poison animal hits, damage continue during the pause. It´s very effective when the time is near end.
    Can I join your group? I have no friends who play this game.

  2. Whoa great tips! I didn't know that, I should try! :) Thankss.. ^^
    I'm sorry, I don't have any group..

  3. Couldn't agree more on those gems part..I've lost more than 15 gems because oh those 'tricky buttons' hahaha

  4. adds a lot of stranger for the sake of cherries lol... i did it (-_-)v

  5. Best pokopang score... just invite my line id "dennymamot"

  6. Hi, my line id is rcatad add me to play pokopang

  7. Replies
    1. LOL.. I was!
      Actually I stop playing Pokopang right after I posted this, huahuahauahua..

      Thanks for stopping by kokoh jie~ ^^

  8. So the best offer's bingo?
    It looks really interesting, but I can't start playing right now - I get so addicted easily...
    Once I started playing unroll me and played the s*** out of it till the tip of my finger was calloused. Oh my...

    1. Haha.. Don't play if you get so addicted easily..
      It's just a waste of your time to be honest, lol..

  9. Add me in my id tie8899 and look my score... Wkwkwkwkwkwk...

  10. Please add my man and I our I.D.s are: jessefoxxx
    And mrsfoxxx

  11. Add me on Line and to any groups: mshinsato

  12. Add me for clovers and friend points haha
    Friend ID: mrjaytcarter

  13. Add me: Tigerlili.kovsky for play Pokopang❤ and please send a clover to each other 🍀





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