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How to use Mo Man Xiang Ji 魔漫相机 Popular Sketch Application

Recently, everyone is posting their photo that looks like someone drew it for them..
When I tried to find out about it, the name of the application is Mo Man Xiang Ji..
It's a very cute application indeed and it made me laugh a lot!

The application's instructions are all in chinese writing, but it's very easy to use, 
you can try clicking the instruction one by one..

But, if you are the kind of person who doesn't like to think and try it by yourself, 
here's the step by step :
1.  Go to your application store or play store (works both for iPhone / android)
2. Type 魔漫相机 (or you can just copy paste it)
3. Download the Application
4. Run the application

I'm using Samsung Note, but I guess the instruction will be the same thing in iPhone..
5. The first thing you will see is the loading percentage, just wait until you reach 100%

6. After that, you will see this page, click the first one, whether you're a male or female

7. In this page, they need to recognize your face
You can just take your picture from the camera or pick a picture from your gallery

Tips : make sure your face is free from hair and your face is facing straight to the camera, 
just like when you take your ID photo, but in here, you can put even your silliest face expression

8. After that, the application will try to recognize your face and they will ask your gender
*if they can't recognize your face, they will give you 2 rounded dots and 1 a bit longer dot, drag the rounded dots to your eyeballs and the longer dot to your mouth, it will help them recognize your face, this usually happens when you try to put your silly face photo*

9. Now it's time to decorate! Click the first on the left to change your face!

a. The first section is for your jaw and chin

b. The second one is your hair

c. The third one is glasses

d. The last one is your eyebrows

10. When you finish, go back to the main page and click the second one to change your costume!

*everytime i like how it looks, i just screenshot it, i never save it from the application because screenshot-ing is way much easier for me, haha*
Tips : you can always drag your face, hair and eyebrows to adjust ^^

11. Finish? Not yet, click the third one on the main page

a. You can make the color to be black and white 

b. or add your handwriting
As simple as that! 

Here's what I made, haha~

Sweet Looking of Myself

Happy Looking Me

Sexy Me

Random Me

I'm a cool kid, don't mess with me


Halloween Style~

Naughty Me, lol
you mad? I'm hotter than you? lol
I wish, hahaha..
love this one

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