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Janice & Ronald Wedding + Pizza Night!

Today I'm feeling so...... I don't know.. empty?
Actually, I feel empty almost everyday, especially since i lost my talking partner, haha..
But it only occurs when I'm at home, alone, in my room, got nothing to do..
which that's the things that I do everytime I stay at home

I'm sorry for the confusion..
I'm going to figure out something.. I'll tell you later~

But now, I have a very late post about what I did 2 weeks ago..
That was on 27th October when I had to come to my relative's wedding..
My dad was the one who was invited, but he couldn't be there, so he sent me and my brother to come..
And turns out, it was my university friend, Janice's wedding, muahahaha..

Before I show you the picture, brace yourself to see my horrible style to a wedding party!
I wasn't that prepared because I went to see a movie with my friend and hour before the party
*my bad*
and the suckie part was, the sound of the movie went wrong and no one fixed that for almost 45 minutes!
*we could only hear the back sound (sound effect) of the movie, but we couldn't hear the actual conversation*
When it was fixed, they played the movie from the beginning..
Well.. If I didn't have any plan to come to the wedding, I would be happy to re-watch the movie from the very first scene.. But the fact was I'm going to be late if I watched the movie until the end..
So I left my friend at the cinema before the movie ended, sigh.. I feel quite bad for him..

And.. Since I was late.. I can't do my hair, or my make up.. I even changed my dress in the car while my brother was driving, bzz..

When I first arrived, I knew I would meet a lot of my University friends there and I also knew that they would criticize how I look.. And I was all right! Hahaha..
They told me that I look super fab in most of my Instagram photos just for an ordinary hangout..
But for a wedding party, I look like crap, hahahah..

Well yeah, enough for the bad comment, I went straight to the restroom and put on some make up on my face to feel a little bit better..

So here's some photos for the night :

I wanted to take pictures with a lot of my friends there, but I didn't get the chance to
Too bad.. :(


After the wedding party, I was asked to go to Yans's house, because Wisnu said that they were having a Pizza Party!
No, he lied.. It was a 'watching-football-match-together'  party in disguise 

It was fun as Yans's house is so huge and his couch is so comfy
and the guys and the girls were fun too

Owh.. I almost forgot.. Here's me and my brother at the wedding..



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