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Michelle Phan & Dom (love inspiration)

Years of being single, because of too much pain in the past..

I do really afraid to start over~ *sigh*

I have many friends I can always count on to, they are like the best I ever had!
but I know sometimes I still feel the loneliest..

I thought true love doesn't exist anymore..

I almost buried all of my dreams about having a lovelife~

But these photos are just bringing back the beat inside my heart..
This is are a little bit of a story about Michelle Phan (Youtube's beauty Guru) and his boyfriend Dominique Capraro whom she met at Paris
Their love stories are so envying
*not just the love stories, but her life now is so envying too*
She has worked so hard to achieve what she has now

Sometimes I thought, Oh My God.. She did not deserve that! Haha..
But now I realize, "She really deserves it.. Why not?"
And of course, I can have a perfect love stories too

I believe it..

Thanks Michelle & Dom for giving me hope that this kind of love still exist!


*all photos are from Michelle Phan's and Dominique Capraro's Instagram*

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  1. they make me believe in fairy tales love story <3 <3

  2. You are beautiful , congratulations!!! Hello from México.

  3. This melts my heart, it's so cute and really gives hope, also it's just nice to look at those cute pics! :3





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