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My New Camera Sony NEX 5-R (A little comparation with my old Sony NEX 5-N)

Sooo, as you know.. I bought Sony NEX 5R for the replacement of my Sony NEX 5N
You can read a little about my Sony NEX 5N post : 

I'm not a pro that can break down to you all of the awesome features about this camera

But I'll tell you why I love it better than the old one

It's new and definitely upgraded! Hahaha.. *that's an obvious reason*

You can take candid photos easily because of its phase detection autofocus

Better image quality and dynamic range
The body is slightly smaller

Common strength about both NEX5N & NEX5R

Not only you can tilt the LCD to help you taking pictures from above or from the bottom
You can also flip back the LCD!
That makes a lot easier for you to have a self camera pictures.. 
For those who loves to do camwhore as I do, isn't that the greatest? Lol


There's a wi-fi built in this camera, 
So if you take pictures in the area that has a wifi hotspot, you can just transferred all of your photos to your smartphone, tablet or laptop right away and upload it on every social media you have..


The electrical lens is so much more convenient for me, as it doesn't have to take a lot of space in my bag.. When it's off, the lens is short like a fix lens.. But when you turn it on, the lens will lengthen.. Like a pocket cam, but you know this is way much better! 
I always bring this camera everywhere I go ever since I bought it
see the difference?


It's a lot cheaper than NEX 5N~ So I still can splurge for other things like tripods, and bigger external memory cards.. :)

I haven't explore anything besides those 5

But those are strong enough to be the reasons why i love this camera better

Thanks God for the whole process~ I know it's You.. ^^

If you have any other opinion about this camera, please let me know on the comment section down below..






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