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Domicile Kitchen & Lounge Surabaya

Hi everyone! First of all I want to say
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all of you..
Today I have something to write about and I'm so excited about this place..

The place called "Domicile Kitchen and Lounge"

they just launched their soft opening this monday, honestly I almost went there with my friends at the soft opening but it was already late and I need to rest, so I didn't go.. 

My friends were still going without me and they told me that they had such a great experience there, it makes me really curious about how good this place would be.. 

Finally today I went there in with Mona for a late lunch and I was surprised with what I saw, come see for yourself!

 The sophisticated entrance

When you open that gigantic door, this is what you see, DESSERT!
This circle box in the center of the entrance is actually their kind of "sweet corner" and also the cashier

This is the left side of the entrance

This is the right side of the entrance

When you walk through pass the entrance, this is what you'll see, another different sets of dining tables
This is the indoor dining place

On the right side there's their visible kitchen

On the corner of the right side, there's their bar
If you walk to the left, you'll see another different sets of dining tables, another ambience, 
yes this is the outdoor dining place

Back to the inside, this is a section of the vintage looking dining tables with a ceramic wooden chair right in front of the bar corner

For our first visit,  we wanted to sit in the outdoor section, because it was a good day with a good weather this afternoon, would be such a waste to spend it inside

This outdoor dining place is in L shape, it is also connected to the one I showed you before 

Maybe I'm sound a little bit exaggerating, but to tell you the truth this is the best lounge I've ever been to so far in Surabaya.. The place is just really nice, I love their interior design inside and out, I love their pick of furnitures, they placed different types of tables and chairs for each side of the lounge, your eyes won't get bored, oh I really love this place.. 

For the food, I won't say it's the best, but it's not even bad at all.. The plating is pretty and they tastes nice.. 
 Caesar Salad with Chicken Topping

 Cranberry Tea

Wagyu Cheese Burger

For the price, to be honest it's quite pricey, but for such a cozy place, I think you pay fairly enough for what you get there..
 Beverages Menu from 15k to 80k (5% Service Tax & 10% Government Tax)
 Foods Menu from 45k to 290k (5% Service Tax & 10% Government Tax)

What need to be fix is the arrangement of the parking lot, I guess.. 
Because for such a big place, I'm very sure you'll need your own parking lot, valet service will be better.. 
Or you will find chaos outside.. 
And as much as we wanted to hang out there, but if we always find it hard to get a place to park our cars and imagining the traffic that follows, we will re-consider again about going there.. 
fyi, I'm speaking for the people from the west side of Surabaya.. :D 
Well it's just my tiny opinion for your lounge perfection.. I'm sure this place would still be packed with human if you maintain the good service, good food and the good ambience ^^ 

Good luck ♥


selfie time ;P

I'm rating this place with ★★★★★
re-visit? Definitely YES!

Domicile Kitchen & Lounge
Jl. Sumatra 35, Surabaya
Sunday - Friday : 11 am - 01 am
Saturday : 11 am - 02 am 
Phone : 031-501.6900

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  1. great review.. i can feel the sensation... but can you explain more specific about the foods? im curious about it... you just mention it as "good", thats not clear enough for me... thx alot..

    1. Thanks.. ^^
      Umm.. It's coming down to your own taste of food if I may say..
      Apparently, I was on a diet when I went there so I didn't order various of foods to try..
      I ate Caesar Salad and I thought it was good, by that, it means that I've tasted better, but this is also not bad.. My friend ordered Wagyu Cheese Burger, she said it was also good, she said, "this tastes good, but Capital's Burger is also good and way bigger in portion than this"
      Well, I have lots of friends that have tried their foods and here's what they said :
      One said : Their Pastas sucks..
      Another said : I tried their Ravioli and it was good..
      My other friends said : Their Martinis (Marshmellow, Cotton Candy & Popcorn) are really cute & delicious!
      One said : Banana Bread Pudding Naugatine Orange Cointreau is yummy to the max
      Or, if you want to know more, you can go to Instagram, search for the tag #Domicile and you'll find many food photos of their menu, and see what people said about it ^^
      I think it's easier.. :)
      Or you can just go there and tried the foods by yourself, that would be more accurate.. lol..
      Have a great day!

    2. haha... your reviews are great... nice hobby...
      im worried of this place cause my friends said that the place is so perfect but the foods are not good n pretty expensive.. now i can imagine all of that.. thank you very much...
      keep doing review resto n cafe... btw, are you know some link or anything that relate to blog? i mean where can i find a way to learn how to use blog.. i really stupid about it...

    3. Thanks again, you are too kind ^^
      Ah, i see.. Everybody has their own opinion right?
      You have to experience it for yourself to know are the foods good enough, or is it really that expensive.. :)
      Umm, my biggest source for my blogging education is The Mighty Google Search, haha.. Just type whatever you want to know about blog, and in a second, voila! You got the links right there.. ^^ Good luck for you..

  2. you must post more! btw i already add your FB.. thx for review.

  3. Guys if you want to make reservation in this restaurant just contact my uncle. He's one of the few owners of this lounge.+62818396269 check my instagram : @hugohwv2 or text me +6281333000699

  4. sepertinya menarik dan bagus bgt tempatnya, mgkin ke depan bisa jadi pilihan untuk tempat nongkrong baru selain sutos dan spazio...good

    1. Iya, bagus tempatnya.. :)
      Kalau tidak ingin terlalu ramai, bisa datang siang hari..
      Suasananya lebih bright dan duduk di bagian outdoor enak banget..

  5. wow. thanks for the review! can't wait to visit

    1. You are very welcome dear ^^
      Their french fries is really good, their pizza is also yummy..
      Their best seller are Tortelini, Black Ink and Baramundi ♥

  6. Nice place from what i see on pic.. But... Almost good place have a "good" price too.. :)... Want to try that place.. Can u review more nice place on surabaya...???

  7. Nice place from what i see on pic.. I think that almost nice place have a"nice" price too :).. Ever get good dessert picture from their tweet.. And wanna try to come soon

    1. Yes it is a very nice place to hang out :)
      But if you're going to come with a lot of people, I think you should make a reservation first to make it more convenient for you ^^
      I have reviewed some hang out places in Surabaya you can see it on my labels "Hangout Surabaya"..
      I'll try my best to keep reviewing more good places near in the future, thank you for your time reading my blog and for your comment I really appreciate it,.
      Have a great month ahead! God bless..

  8. i think you should just stick to blogging in bahasa. burnt my braincells trying to make sense of what you wrote...

    1. Lol.. I'm sorry for your burning braincells, stranger.. :)
      Thank you for your suggestion though and thank you for sacrificing some of your braincells to be burnt because of reading my blogpost..
      I'll think about that..Haha.. Have a good day..

    2. Ignore that comment, your English is not a struggle to read at all. This is also a great introduction to restaurants in Surabaya for expats from all over the world and English is a handy lingua franca. Keep at it!

    3. Thank you so much, you made my day! ♥
      I'll keep blogging in English for the love for my tiny readers from all over the world.. hehe..
      I hope my english will get better in time.. I'lltry my best to improve.. :)
      Have a lovely day Tom & Darlene, and keep reading! ^^

  9. Hi! :) thanks for this review! The content is really good, very helpful! I actually am planning to go there next Monday with my close friends, but I feel a bit doubtful because I didn't know what to expect. Thanks to your review I can now prepare better, money wise... ;)
    Oh, and please keep reviewing in English, no matter what those people are saying. They probably only told you to review in Bahasa because they're too embarrassed to admit that they suck in English lol.

    1. Oh, hi there..
      Thanks for reading and thank you so much for your comment, you are really kind :)
      And you just made my day, literally ^^
      I hope you'll have a great time with your close friend there.. ♥

  10. Hi! :) thanks for writing this review. The content's really good and informative and I also like the fact that you try to be helpful in your replies to readers.
    I actually am going to go there next Monday with some of my close friends but was feeling a bit doubtful as I didn't know what to expect. Now that I've read this, I can prepare better, money-wise.. ;)
    Anyway please keep writing in whatever language you want to write, be it in Bahasa or in English. Don't get bothered by those who told you to write in Bahasa because they probably only say that because they're not good in English. Haha
    Thanks again!

  11. ^_^ you made my day, double time~
    I like the fact that you are wise and smart, for doing a research before you go to a place for the first time, and I also love the fact that you are actually reading, until the very last comment of this blog..
    Keep it up, your curiosity and your good heart will bring you to good places..
    Oh, there are some slight changes in Domicile from what I posted.. One of them is that now they have VIP room for customer's private event :) The rest of the changes are on their decorations, better ones.. ^^
    Thank you again for your support, I really appreciate it..
    And please do keep your blog alive, it's entertaining.. :)
    Enjoy the rest of your day, young man!

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