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Bistro VII Surabaya (Review)

How are you all? It's April already, oh gosh how time flies so fast..
I wish you all have a good day today and if you're not, just smile, it will change your mood even a bit ^^

I'm quite surprised lately, because there are a lot of new cafes and restaurants showed up in town, especially in the west side of Surabaya.
I already have 3 places to review actually, but let's just take it one step at a time okay?

Bistro VII

Located in Citraland Surabaya, I think this little restaurant is made by Ottimmo International Master Gourmet Academy (which placed right next to Bistro VII) for their students to practice and to learn about running a restaurant before they enter the real world of culinary business.

 Well, that was just my thought, because when I went there, all the staffs and the cooks were still really young, like the first grade of university students, haha.. The good looking ones were set to be the waiters, I even spotted one waiter who wore an expensive time piece, lol.. 

French Tomato Cream Soup 25k

Breaded Chicken Breast 45k

New Zealand Tenderloin Steak 98k

Green Tea Latte 24k

My opinions are :
The place is quite small and tight, but it's cozy..
The service was great.. The waiter opened the door when we entered and when we walked out of the restaurant.. Fast response.. I even got free french fries because when I wanted to order one, they didn't have it on the menu.. So they cooked it specially for us.. 
The price is fairly cheap..
Toilet is big and clean..
Got wi-fi connection..
But you guys need to upgrade the taste of your foods and especially the drinks.. 
The tomato soup was too sour, I couldn't taste the green tea in my green tea latte, even the ice lemon tea tasted weird.. Other than that, it was fine..
Practice more okay? :)

I'll be back to try another menu, hopefully you guys get better ^^

Bistro VII
Jl. Telaga Golf, Blok TC-4 / No 02-03
Citraland Surabaya
Business Hour : 
Weekdays 18.00-22.00 Weekend 18.00-23.00
Monday Close
PIN : 75B18D48
Instagram : BISTROVII

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  1. Jadi selain tomato soup, green tea latte dan lemon tea yang tasteless... Menu steak yang difoto (sayangnya tidak disebutkan nama menu nya) sudah oke taste nya?

    1. Oh iya, sorry uda ak tambahin, thank you for reminding.. :)
      Itu New Zealand Tenderloin Steak sama Breaded Chicken Breast, both taste good.. ^^





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