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Forestreet Cafe Surabaya (Review)


Hi hi there again.. ^^
First of all I want to say thank you for all of your support through the comments in here, and from the messages that I received on Facebook.. (go visit my PAGE HERE and maybe give it a like if you want, hihi)
You guys are amazing and I truly truly appreciate it! :')
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Alright~ Today I'm going to review about Fore Street Cafe..
(It is placed right next to Circle K, Citraland)

This new cafe is really small but cute.. I love how they designed the place..
And again, maybe this Cafe is some kind of campus project like Bistro VII 
(if you haven't read about it, you can check it out HERE)
Because, they start opening the cafe from 5 pm.. The staffs and the cooks were also still young.. Like, much younger than me, lol.. They all must be still studying in the university, trust me! haha..
(I'm such a smartass, huh? hahaha.. Maybe before I blog, I should do some short interview with the owner after this, lol)

Okaay, enough with the talk, let the pictures take over..
This is the cafe

This is The Toilet

What I Ordered :
Grilled Salmon with Garlic Butter Sauce 55k

 Chicken BBQ 38k

Menu :

My thoughts about this cafe :
Nice interior design
Good place if you want to chill with a friend or two or three..
The price is really cheap! 
Toilets are pretty clean..
I spotted an electricity outlet under the table, yay!
I'm so sorry I really forgot if they have wi-fi connection or not, I think they have..
(will update about this soon)
Foods were good, not expensive, but don't expect the portion to be big too, lol..
Drinks were fine, I ordered hot lemon tea, and they gave me a super hot lemon tea with a boiling water.. 
But after it cooled down a bit, it tasted nice..
Dessert, not my favorite.. (or maybe I ordered the wrong one?) I'll try another next time..
The service was.. Okay.. Because I can barely hear their voice when they talked to me.. They didn't tell us about their special menu 
(I just knew about the special menu when I read it on the back of the table's number, right after I made my order) 
 (see how cheap the beers are)
and they seemed a little bit confused while serving the food, lol.. But I can totally understand though for now, hopefully you'll do better next time.. ^^
Oh.. They probably only have 7 tables inside, so if you are a fan of crowded place.. This is not a place for you, haha..

A little suggestion :
You don't need a lot of staffs in the cashier because the cafe is really small 
and everyone can literally hear what everybody's talking about..
I think long jeans suits the uniform better ;)
Make a special parking slots for your customers please? hihi..

Will be back to try another menu, and for beers maybe, lol..

Fore Street Cafe
Ruko Taman Gapura J15, G-Walk
Citraland - Surabaya
SMOKING FREE (Indoor Area)
Instagram : @forestreetcafe

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  1. Hii im the owner of forestreetcafe... anyway thx for this posting n thx for the suggestion too.. ��

    1. Oh hi! :)
      Thanks for stopping by..
      If there's anything you want to correct, please let me know ^^
      I'll be happy to revised..

  2. sorry, I just want to ask about Gourmetland Cafe in G-walk,
    Do you ever hear of review that?
    I need information about those cafe. (Dewi, Gresik)





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