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1914 Surabaya (Complete Review)

Type of Place
Fine Dining Restaurants (Western, Mexican & Japanese)
Bars (Whiskey, Cigar, Rum, Beer, Martini, Sake, Julep)
How much should I bring
Rp. 500.000,- up or Credit Card


Prepare yourself... Because this is going to be a one hell of a super long post!
(with a lot of pictures)

A little bit of history :
This building was built by architect Fritz Joseph Pinedo Pinedo (assisted by JJ van Dongen) in 1913.
On 1967, this place was named CCCL, it is the representative office of French Consulate General in Surabaya. After that, CCCL Surabaya moved in 2012, then the building was renovated in 2013 and is used by 1914 Surabaya until now.(www.1914surabaya.com)

Valet Service

Lobby & Information

First of all I want to tell you guys that 1914 is a huge place, it has restaurants and bars, 
and I will show all of them one by one to you ^^

A gentleman's indulgence, serving Surabaya's finest selection of cigars and tobacco products, along with a whisky bar, serving fine whiskeys, aged rums and cognacs. (www.1914surabaya.com)
You can go to the Habana Whiskey Bar straight from the lobby, it is located right next to the main entrance.
But unfortunately, when I came, it was still noon, the whiskey bar haven't opened yet, so I took this one photo from their website
This is the Whiskey Bar
(courtesy of : www.1914surabaya.com)

Habana also has a Cigar Bar. If you come inside from the main entrance, you will see the hallway, and on the right side after the giant paintings, you will find the Cigar Bar

This is the inside of Habana Cigar Bar
click the images to enlarge

want some? ;)


Consulat Lounge & Martini Bar offers the latest international snacking foods on small sharing plates. Guaranteed to offer Surabaya's most complete wine selection, the wine cellar boasts a long wine tasting table for up to 12 packs. (www.1914surabaya.com)

If we go back to the hallway, Consulat Lounge & Martini Bar is placed right in front of the Habana Cigar Bar
click the images to enlarge

If they really offer the most complete wine selection, then this is the perfect place for wine lovers out there

Range of prices based on the menu :
House Red & House Wine : 125k/glass
House Champagne : 300k/glass
Wine : 450k - 3.7 mill

(Price subject to 17.7% government tax and service charge)

Price in Indonesian Rupiah (IDR)
k = thousand 
mill = million
$1 USD =  11.600 IDR

A 1920's Midwest steakhouse concept, featuring the best steaks in the world - US Prime Angus steaks, lamb, ribs, pork and chops, and fresh seafood like Norwegian salmon, sea bass, oysters, clam, prawns, crab and array of appetizers fit for gangsters. The Steakhouse features an exclusive VIP Dining Room and VIP Bar featuring classic Bourbon "JULEP" cocktail. (www.1914surabaya.com)

If we go back again to the hallway, the first room on the right side of the hallway is Chicago VIP Dining Room

Chicago VIP Dining Room

You can always use the VIP room for meeting or private dinner or anything as you please

And at the end of the hallway, you will see the Main Dining Room

front view from the hallway

 Right side of the main dining room

On the left side of the dining hall, there are two doors, the first one is a door to Chicago VIP Julep Bar

Chicago VIP Julep Bar

On the second door, there is another Chicago VIP Dining Room which at that moment was being decorated by my fellow friend, Mona..

click image to enlarge
(left) Before Decoration & (right) After Decoration by Elite Party Designer
(I want to have a super romantic table dinner like this someday, hihi)

Chicago is a great choice for a restaurant if you're looking for western food..
You can have your lunch with your business partner or you can have a casual dinner with your family and friends..
Even better, a romantic fine dining with your date <3

Range Price from the Menu :
Starters : 35k - 59k
Salad & Soups : 45k - 59k
Sandwiches & Burgers : 79k - 95k
From The Grill : 250k - 700k (200gr)
Mains : 75k - 350k

Julep : 120k - 275k
Whiskey Cocktail :100k -550k (Glass, Bottle & Barrel)
Non Alcohol Mocktail : 35k -50k
American & Canadian Whiskey : 90k -160k (glass) 900k - 2,3mill (bottle)
Scottish & Irish Whiskey : 90k -290k (glass) 1,2 mill - 4,5 mill (bottle)
Brandy & Cognac : 70k - 390k (glass) 1,2 mill - 5.5 mill (bottle)
Spirit : 70k - 200k (glass) 900k - 2.8 mill (bottle)
Aperitif : 70k - 160k (glass) 2 mill (bottle)
Liqueur : 70k - 110k (glass) 900k - 1.5 mill (bottle)
Beer : 38k - 135k
Juices : 30k (bottle) 40k (fresh) 90k (jug)
Coffee : 18k-35k
Soft drink & Milkshake :20k-30k
Tea : 20k-25k

Price subject to 17.7% government tax & service charge 

Price in Indonesian Rupiah (IDR)
k = thousand 
mill = million
$1 USD =  11.600 IDR

Done with Chicago, let's move on to the next room!

The Bar

Hanging Liquors
The left side of the bar

Hemingway's Live Music Stage

The right side of the bar

Ron Zacapa Centenario is a premium rum produced in Guatemala by Rum Creation and Products, a subsidiary of Industrias Licoreras de Guatemala, and distributed and marketed by Diageo. Zacapa was created in 1976 to celebrate the centenary of the foundation of Zacapa, a town in eastern Guatemala. (source : Wikipedia)

click image to enlarge

click image to enlarge

I think Hemingway's is a great place to chill and to hang out with your friends
They got drinks and a live band, what a very nice combo :)

click image to enlarge

Range Price from the Menu :
18k - 15 mill

Price subject to 17.7% government tax & service charge 

Price in Indonesian Rupiah (IDR)
k = thousand 
mill = million
$1 USD =  11.600 IDR

Do you think you have seen enough of this place??
Hahaha.. There are MORE!
Let's go back to the dining hall of Chicago, and on the right side you will find a connecting door

where will it lead us to?

A lush and tropical outdoor garden, with a built in stage for night time entertainment and group functions. 
Guests may enjoy dining in the garden from any of our kitchens, by special arrangement.

click image to enlarge

It is so beautiful on the evening, and I think evening is the perfect time to chill or having your tea time here
Will be fun too at night, because of the live band, and the beers
But I'm afraid at night there will be a lot of mosquito

Right next to the garden, there is

Authentic Mexican cuisine by Mexican Chef Gerardo, and the best man-made margaritas in Indonesia, 
temps guests to stay late and party.

click image to enlarge

Range Price from the Menu :
Starters : 75k - 150k
Salad & Soups : 69k - 95k
Traditional Mexican Dishes : 79k - 159k
Dessert: 49k - 69k
Main Dishes : 109k - 320k

Hacienda Signature Cocktails : 100k
Hacienda Speciality Cocktails : 85k - 185k
Premium Margaritas : 125k - 150k
Margaritas : 100k
Tequila : 70k - 100k (glass) 750k - 1,8mill (bottle)
Mexican Martinis : 95k
International Cocktail : 95k
Spirit : 50k - 300k (glass) 900k - 4.5 mill (bottle)
Long Drinks : 100k
Mocktails : 60k
Flaming : 95k - 150k
Muddled & Crushed : 95k
Aperitif : 80k
Liqueur : 70k - 110k (glass) 900k - 1.5 mill (bottle)
Wine & Champagne Cocktail : 100k (glass)
Beer : 30k - 75kCoffee Specialities : 75k - 80k
Water : 20k - 30k
energy Drink : 30k
Juices : 30k (glass) 90k (jug)
Soft drinks : 30 - 85k
Coffee & Tea 18k - 35k

Price subject to 17.7% government tax & service charge 

Price in Indonesian Rupiah (IDR)
k = thousand 
mill = million
$1 USD =  11.600 IDR


Last but not least,

 Just go straight from the Hacienda hallway, you will find Kyodai 

VIP Room

The Sake Bar


Never forget about the Toilet ^^
This is the main rest room in 1914 and definitely the prettiest toilet I've ever seen in my life, hahaha...


Final Verdict
Don't worry about the service, they are so nice and kind, helpful and fast
Quite overprice, but it's all about quality they are offering
Besides, every once in a while you need to chill in a pretty place like this

That pretty much it guys.. :)
Oh well I'm so happy finally I could finish this post for you
I hope my post will help you to get the overall view of this place :)

1914 Surabaya
Darmokali 10
Surabaya 60625
Sunday to Thursday 
11.00AM - 01.00AM 
Friday and Saturday 
11.00AM - 02.00AM
SMOKING FREE (Indoor Area)
Phone : 0822 3168 1914

Stay In Touch With Me
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see you on my next post!


  1. Wow.... that was a great post, very detailed, informative and with nice photos too. Hope you are being paid well for your great effort. This will not only attracts local visitors to your site but overseas ones as well. Keep it up:)

    1. Thank you Don!
      Hahaha.. I didn't get paid for any of my blog post, did it all for the love of writing and sharing to anyone who is interests in what I wrote.. hehehe..
      Your comment has already made it all paid well.. :)I hope you didn't get bored reading a super long blog post like this.. ^^

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  3. Hahaha.. Iya banget.. Next time harus foto-foto.. :)
    Toilet cowo nya lebih kece lagi buat foto..

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    1. Makasi yaa.. :) Hahaha.. Kalo sekarang dibaca-baca lagi, cukup kaco juga nih postingan, lol.. But I'm glad it's still helpful anyways.. Keep reading!

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