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Society Complex : 1903 Surabaya (Review) & Vitri's Birthday Dinner

This is not a complete review, yet..
Because the restaurant is still not 100% done.. But I've seen a lot of people has already searching for this place on my traffic source.. So I'll tell you a little bit about this place from what I know so far.. 
I'll definitely update this post in any time as soon as I get all of the information needed, okay? Promise :)

The place is right next to Historica Coffee & Pastry, another series of Society Complex..

I went there last week with my friends to celebrate Vitri's Birthday, and one of my fellow friend, Jojo is also one of the owner of Society Complex, so you might say I was so lucky to be there at that time to try some of their menus, for free.. :) (BIG SMILE)

Well, the bad news is, it was dinner time, and honestly I really suck at using my camera especially when it comes to night.. I don't understand how to set the camera setting manually.. So pardon me if the photos are really bad.. :(
(I will go back with better pictures later kay?) Second Promise :)

This is The Main entrance.. 

You will see two doors on the left and two doors on the right
The first two doors on the left is actually one big section of dining room with a lot of tables,
it also connects to the outdoor section of the dining area..
While the two doors on the right are two different VIP rooms
(I couldn't take pictures at that time, because the place was packed with people, I didn't want to bother their dinner time by being a creepy girl who took pictures of a place where a lot of people (strangers) having their meal)

And at the end of the hallway, there is a one huge room that was still empty..
The waiter told me that this huge empty room will soon become their main dining hall
With one stage for live band and a piano..
Also from this hall, there will be a connecting way to the Poplar Lounge and Bar
(which also hasn't opened yet)

So.. This is our dining room (the second door on the right)

In our dining room, we got both toilet, one for men and one for women. I thought this is our VIP toilet, but it is not..
In fact, this is the only toilet in 1903.. Because people were coming in and out of our dining room to get to the toilet too, haha..

It is big, spacious and clean, no worries.. ^^

Off to the foods!
But before that, I want to say this first :


(It is true that I really love to eat, but I know nothing about food ingredients.. I can't criticize much on it.. 
Usually I can only say : 'This is really good', 'Well.. This is okay..', or 'I don't like it')
Besides, the taste of one food is always coming back to personal preference
What's really good for me doesn't mean it would taste that good to you too, right? Vice versa~

Alright.. Back to the food~
That night, we were stuffed with a lot of dishes
(I didn't get the menu book, I can't really tell you the name of these foods and the price :(
but I can tell you about how it taste, in my personal opinion of course)
This was one of my favorite, because I always love beef roll, in whatever kind of form or stuffed
I usually love beef roll with enoki mushroom, but this one is really not bad at all (lovey!)
(Actually, we also got two another appetizers; one was something with shrimp and one mushroom soup.. 
The one with the shrimp, I didn't try it, because I have an allergy to boiled shrimp.. 
And the mushroom soup, I didn't like it.. It was tasteless..)

This was a shrimp spaghetti with pesto sauce
It tastes good.. From 1 to 10 I'll give it a 7.5

The best menu of the night goes to this Lasagna!
It was so delicious.. And I still can get myself to finish it even though I've already ate too much

Chicken Galantine
I don't really like the taste of the 'green thing' in the middle of the meat.. But I still enjoy eating it

Duck Breast
Too sweet for me.. It also has a sour taste and I don't like it.. I'd prefer the Chicken Galantine

Choco Lava
Yummy~ But not everyone gets the 'lava'.. Some of them are overcooked, but mine was fine..
If they gave us a scoop of vanilla ice cream, it would taste & look better in my opinion..

Strawberry Cheese Cake
I didn't get to finish it, I only tried the top of the cake..
I already ate too much, and I could explode in anytime..
I didn't see any strawberries on it, but my friend said the strawberries were at the bottom of the cake and on a small amount..


Selwyn & Vitri

The newly wed! Anthony & Astrid

Standing (left to right) : Ce Lia, Daniel, Otong, Lidya, Jenika, Mike, Jojo, Irene, Steven, Sundoro, Yans
Sitting (left to right) : Me, Astrid, Vitri, Selwyn, Wisnu, Anthony

Plus one on the left : Michelle

Final Thoughts :
I think this place is more of a semi fine dining restaurant at the moment
The service was good, but I think it will be better if you give one waiter in a room so that we won't have to go out to call them.. 
Add more waitress.. 
And speed up your cooking time please ^^

Jl. Sumatera 40
Surabaya 60281

Valet service : 10k
SMOKING FREE (Indoor Area)
Email : marketing@society.co.id
instagram : @societycomplex

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I will revise this at anytime soon

I'll give you complete view of the place, tell you the name of the foods and 

also the range of the price (with the menu book attached)



  1. Hahahah... 8 pretty ladies to liven up the whole place. Just kidding:) Looking at all those happy faces make me want to join in as well. You are on a roll...

  2. What kind of beverages did they serve there?

    1. Don't worry, you cam have any drinks you like, lol.. If you want coffee you can go to Historica, if you want something alcoholic, you can go to Buro.. They are just steps away..





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