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Society Complex : Historica Coffee & Pastry Surabaya (Review)

Hi Guys!
Welcome to May~
I know I should be writing my review about Grill Estate Surabaya first as I promised to you before, but..
I'm not really excited about that place, so I think I'll just postpone my blog post and replace it with something better.. A LOT BETTER.. hahaha..
So, recently my Instagram feed is flooded by photos of this place..
At first, by looking at the interior design from the photos, I thought this place couldn't be in Surabaya.. 
I thought this kind of coffee shop only exist in Jakarta or somewhere else better..
(I know, I'm so cruel lol)
But yeah, I was wrong.. This place really does exist in Surabaya and without any hesitation, I just asked my best friend to be my company there..

Society Complex
Society Complex's Website

"The one stop entertainment complex in Surabaya with flavour of rich history, a semi fine dining restaurant, indoor & outdoor, lounge & bar, as well as 24 hours coffee shop in one compound.
We are delicious, educative, trendy, and happening!"

(source : www.society.co.id)

From what I read in their website, it says "3 Venues in 1 Complex", those three are : 
- Poplar Place Bar & Lounge
- Historica Coffee & Pastry, 24 hours Coffee Shop
- 1903 Fine Dining Restaurant
Not only that, there is also 'Society Exclusive Meeting Room' for corporate or business meeting

Society Complex is located in the center of the city, Sumatra Street, it's on the same road as Domicile Kitchen & Lounge
But unfortunately, I can only review about Historica Coffee & Pastry for now because the rest of the venues are have not officially opened yet.. We'll have to be patient for them and I really can't wait!

Okay.. Enough with the talking.. I'll show you the pictures now! ^^

(click the picture to enlarge)
Historica Coffee & Pastry's Front Side

Society Complex Logo

Valet Service

Historica Coffee & Pastry Front Door

Historica Coffee & Pastry Front DoorHistorica Coffee & Pastry Logo

Cashier (you  order, you pay, give your bill to the waiter, then they deliver the food to your table)
Historica Coffee & Pastry Cashier

 They don't have menu book, it's all written on the board
Historica Coffee & Pastry Menu Board

Pricing in Indonesian Rupiah (k : thousand) 
Coffee : 25k-35k | TWG Tea : 20k-30k | Smoothies :25k-40k | Choco & Greentea : 35k
Breakfast menu : 35k-45k
Historica Coffee & Pastry Menu Board

Cake & Pastry : 25k-53k
Bottled Juice & Mineral Water : Price are not shown
Historica Coffee & Pastry Cakes

On the right side, there is a giant Coffee Maker..

The website says, "The new concept of coffee shop is here, first in Soerabaia. New way to enjoy your own coffee by picking, roasting, and grinding by yourself."
Too bad the waiter didn't tell me about it when I was there, I just found out when I opened their website now :( I want to try..
Historica Coffee & Pastry Coffee MachineHistorica Coffee & Pastry Coffee Machine

Historica Coffee & Pastry Inside

Clean work space

Different set of tables and chairs ♥
Historica Coffee & Pastry Cafe

 Clean and comfy toilet.. They even put real flowers there (made it smells so good)
Historica Coffee & Pastry Toilet

Historica Coffee & Pastry Toilet

Historica Coffee & Pastry Toilet

Historica Coffee & Pastry Toilet

Where all the Instagram pictures taken 
Historica Coffee & Pastry Interior

This is the place where they put the straw, chilli & tomato sause, salt & pepper, sugar, etc 
You can have it your own way (self service)

Historica Coffee & Pastry Interior

Historica Coffee & Pastry Interior

Historica Coffee & Pastry Interior

Magazines & Newspapers

Outdoor section
Historica Coffee & Pastry Outdoor

View from the back

These are what we ordered : Egg Benedict (45k)
(for every meal you order, you'll get one glass of mineral water for free)
Historica Coffee & Pastry Food Egg Benedict
Historica Coffee & Pastry Food Egg Benedict

3 layers of Pancake (35k)
Historica Coffee & Pastry Food Pancake
Historica Coffee & Pastry Food Pancake

Green Tea Frappe (38k)
Historica Coffee & Pastry Drink Green Tea Frappe


Random pictures of pretty wooden chairs

Service tax 5% & goverenment tax 10% added

my thoughts : 
I truly love this place!
Even though the parking lot is really small, but you can always use the valet service, and it's not that expensive, only 10k
The valet parking service is really nice, they opened and closed the door for us
I love how they use green plants to decorate the outdoor, it looks really pretty
The combination of vintage style with modern touch makes the interior design looks so simple but sophisticated
The place is really cozy, I can sit here for hours
The waiters are friendly and helpful
They only have 1 toilet but it is really clean, smells nice and they also provides wet tissue inside
Foods taste good, too bad I'm not a coffee lover
but I don't like their green tea frappe, it tastes weird :(
The price is quite pricey but it's worth it
They have wi-fi connection, but I couldn't connect to it while I was there
They also have plenty of electricity outlets
SMOKING FREE (Indoor Area)

suggestions :
Add more waiters? Because while I was there I felt that the dirty plates and glasses were not picked up right away after the customers gone, it was still there for like about half an hour..
Even the new customers who was asking them to pick it up
One thing that confuse me about Historica is in their homepage it says "24 Hours Coffee Shop" but, they also write "Open daily and weekend 7am - 11pm" How could it be 24 hours?

Jl. Sumatera 40
Surabaya 60281

Everyday : 7 am - 11 pm
Ph. Office : 031-5043151 / 52 
Fax : 031-5032929 
Email : marketing@society.co.id
wi-fi password : sukakopi
instagram : @societycomplex

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  1. nowdays many cafes that bring "industrial" concept to their interior style.not only in surabya, also in bandung in jakarta..haha
    which cafe in surabaya that do you think good in interior style, food, and serve service?

    1. Hi Moo Mo,
      Yes, I couldn't agree more.. :)
      Umm.. So far I really like Capital, Ourbar, Domicile, Historica & Daily Sweet.. 1914 also has a nice concept.. ^^
      Good day!

    2. Thanks for your info Laura :).. i think i'll try daily sweet first, because, this place so close to my home hahha and i didn't know that there is a daily sweet in g walk..because i just moved back to surabaya like 2 weeks ago so i didnt know new place in surabaya ..
      when the first sight, this place looks nice,have a warm ambience , and bring a new experience of space because it has an american style as i can see in your review..
      keep it up bring a good review! and you have a good photos also :)

    3. You're most welcome Moo Mo :)Thank you so much for your comment, you're really kind..Yes, you should try Daily Sweet.. If your home is in Citraland Area, you can try ForeStreet, Bistro VII and Buzzerd as well.. ^^I will keep writing as long as you keep reading, hehe..Chao~

    4. Thank you for your kindness too .. :)..really? i thought bistro vii place is a school for chef...yeah.. and i never tried one of them haha..i bet u leave in here too,don't you? :p
      I will for sure, just let me know if there is a another review comes up haha.. have you tried cafe in front of melandas store? ,I forgot the name,maybe brussel or something..

    5. No, Bistro VII is a real cafe.. The school name is 'Ottimmo International Master Gourmet Academy'.. Both in the same building, but in a different section.. :)
      Yes I live in Surabaya.. You can subscribe your email to get notification or you can like my facebook page.. I always update my blog post there.. ^^ (I put the info on the right bar of my blog)
      Uhm.. You mean, Le Ciel Bleu? Yes I did.. But it was an awful experience despite of their really pretty concept of a glass house cafe.. Maybe because they just opened it.. So it was still a mess here and there.. Well I'm going to give it a second chance.. Hopefully they are better now.. :)

    6. Thank you Laura for ur visit at our Le Ciel Bleu.. We are apologize for your awful experience at our venue. We are really really sorry bout that.. but we hv made big changes in our resto concept. We like to invite you back again and we make sure you won't get disappointed. hope to see you soon laura.. xoxo :)

    7. :)
      Ah, great then..
      I'll make time to visit there some time around next week perhaps.. ^^

  2. Convincing enough! I'd like to visit this place when I got back to Surabaya... And you (yes, you) are obliged to take me there bud.


    1. When will you??? Sure I'll be your guide honey~


  3. Hi laura.. Thank you for your review on our place... Your thoughts and suggestion are really helpful for us... Hope to see you again soon in our place!!!!

    1. Hi Anthony..
      You're most welcome! :)
      If you have any suggestion or correction for this blog post, feel free to contact me ^^
      I will definitely come back to try your coffee machine, lol..

  4. Hi,
    Your reviews were very clear and detailed, kudos for that. Please keep making reviews on other cafes and bistros, so I can keep referring back to your blog for them. Haha.
    That being said, which one would you recommend the most if I were to visit these places? My friends are coming for a visit so we're planning to pay these places a visit if we have the time.

    1. Hi Anon, 
      Thank you! :) Umm.. In my opinion, you can visit Society Complex, Domicile, OurBar and 1914.. Society Complex, Domicile and OurBar are near to each other and are really popular right now.. 1914 is in a different area buat also worth to try.. I'm going to blog about 1914 soon, so please stay tuned.. Oh, and all of them are placed in the central of Surabaya.. If you visit west side of Surabaya, you can go to Capital or Spazio.. :)
      Cheers :)

    2. Wow your replies are fast too. Haha.
      Alright, I'll prolly try society complex first. Oh 1 more question, are these places smoking free? At least for the indoors ones.
      And, I've tried the west ones since my house is here in the west haha.

    3. I'm living with my gadgets near most of the time, and nothing can beat my happy face when I see there is a new comment on my blog, lol..
      Yes, you should try Society Complex firts, they just opened their fine dining resto called 1903.. ^^
      Oh hey.. They are all smoking free for the indoors (Domicile, Society Complex & 1914).. But OurBar is full of smoke, hahaha..
      Thank you for your question, I'll add this on my blog post.. :)
      Anyways, there is a new cafe in town, placed after Tunjungan Plaza, right next to Go Skate building named "Bear Top" (UFO).. Today is their soft opening, you can come to try as well.. ^^

  5. Thank you for your lovely shots ! We are www.nagarey.com one of the furniture supplier for the Historica Coffee :)

  6. Nice review and nice photos. On almost every shots, products from Paisley Things, galvanized buckets, bottle holders, watering cans and a whole lot more. Come visit our shop in Jakarta
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    Jl. Sinabung Raya No.16 Kebayoran Baru
    021 - 7228906

  7. Is it true that last order for the breakfast menu is at 3 pm? Which means, later than that i cant enjoy it? Thank you! :)

    1. I've asked, and the answer is :
      From 7 am until lunch, you can only order their brunch menu..
      After lunch, you can order anything (including their brunch menu) until 10.30pm..
      They closed at 11 pm..

  8. Hi Laura,
    Thx for the review, well done!
    Btw, have you managed to find out the actual opening hours of that coffee shop? is that really 24hrs ? or ??..


    1. Hi Jim,
      Thank you for your time reading my blog.. ^_^
      No, it is not 24 hours.. Their operating hour is from 7 am - 11 pm.. (last order 10.30)
      Hope it helps, thank you..

    2. You are very welcome, Jim!
      Anyways, I just posted a new blog post.. You can check it out.. :)

  9. Blog kuliner yang super-duper-informatif, keren, I really looove the way you deliver all the culinary experiences in this blog. Sampe hal2 printhilan yang small things tapi penting, seperti toilet, mushola dll juga kamu masukin. Good job, Laura! Keep on blogging :)

  10. Daily Sweet, Pub & Color Bar, Le Ciel Bleu, Daily Sweet, Larucola, Society Complex, Bon Cafe Group, Cafe The Boss, Coffee the Cabinet, ThreeOsix Cafe, etc.. they are such a good cafe worthy to visit.
    Enjoy Surabaya

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