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Bear Top Cafe, Lounge & Resto Surabaya (Review) & Fiony's Birthday Surprise

Yesterday I was invited to go to the soft opening of Bear Top..
What is Bear Top?
It's a place that all of my friends have been waiting for, and now they are officially open!!

Bear Top Cafe, Lounge & Resto
click here to read about the second floor

It is placed in the center of the city.. Next to Tunjungan Plaza, inside the UFO Factory Outlet..

Why does it called Cafe, Lounge & Resto?
The owner says that the concept of Bear Top is that they have both Cafe & Restaurant in the first floor, 
while on the second floor they will have a total different concept, which is The Lounge (read the complete review here)..

I say, the concept of this place is kind of like a food court.. Because you can find multiple food vendors here..
this is an example of a food court
But, the differences within food court and Bear Top are :
 You won't see food counters lined like the usual food court (see picture above) and
You don't have to service yourself by coming to the food stall to place your order..

this is Bear Top
Instead, you will find a nice atmosphere restaurant, with the interior design just like in a modern cafe, 
and of course, you will served by a friendly waiter/waitresses here..


What about the foods?
Bear Top provides some of the best local foods in town also some selective chinese foods (HALAL)..
Me and Mona were both excited and hungry.. 
We didn't know, we didn't even ask about their special foods or their recommended foods, 
we just ordered what we wanted to eat randomly..

What we ordered :
Nasi Goreng Seafood 23k

Sop Buntut 25k

Penyetan Spesial 45k

My friends ordered :
Mie Pangsit Spesial 23k + Pangsit Goreng (10) 16k

Bakso Campur 17k


This is the Menu Book
(some of the pictures in this menu book were taken by me, lolol.. #proudamateur)

click the pictures to enlarge 

Foods Rp. 1.500,- until Rp70.000,-
Beverages Rp. 5.000,- until Rp. 23.000,- 
(Prices are exclude 5% service tax & 10% government tax)


Thoughts :
To be honest, I love this place, because the foods are awesome and the price is cheap..
If you want to compare to the other restaurants or cafes these days :
You won't get out from a restaurant or a cafe without spending less than 100k to satisfy your tummy..
Usually, they give you less in portion, but makes you pay more..
But in Bear Top, you saw what I ordered, three meals.. 
The Penyetan was bigger and obviously more 'expensive' (still cheap though), because it was the special one..
But the portion of other meals were not too big, not too small, just perfect..
And it was only for 94k in total! (service +5, government +10 for taxes, let's say 100k)
I ate those meals with Mona.. So I split the bill into two, which is only 50k for each of us.. lol lol..
Even cheaper..
And my tummy was really satisfied, because none of them were disappointing in taste)

Happy Customers

Taking pictures with the mascot

Full booked

Suggestions :
Please upgrade the parking lot ^^

I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this place for all of you, if you are looking for LOCAL FOOD, in a COZY PLACE, with a NICE AMBIENCE, offers a CHEAP PRICE and most importantly, TASTES GREAT!
Suitable for lunch, dinner, casual meeting, or hanging out.. ^^

Special 10% discount promotion during the soft opening until the end of June 2014!
Go go go~


Later that night
At 12.00 am, we give our friend a little surprise because it's her birthday!
from the mascot of Bear Top, Happy Birthday our lovely Fiony!

look at those happy faces

That's all for today's post, hope this post helpful and you guys enjoy it..
Once again, Congratulations Bear Top! All the best and success for you always!

BEAR TOP Surabaya
Jln. Embong Malang 39-42. 
Tunjungan Plaza - Go Skate Building - UFO (Bear Top is inside UFO) 
Everyday, 10.00 am - 10.00 pm
Reservation : 031 - 92726258 
You can smoke in a certain indoor area
Wifi Connection Available
Electricity Outlets Available
Instagram : @beartopsby

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  1. Awesome!!! Thank you very very much for this blog info...Capcussss....

    1. You are most welcome! :)
      I recommend banget penyetannya, sate, sop buntut, batagor, nasgor.. Enaaak hehehe..





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