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How to make your contact lens live longer (with pictures)

Hi guys <3
Today I'm going to share some tips for you about how to clean your contact lens, make it comfortable on your eyes and also make it lives longer than it should be! Curious? Hihi.. Read along!

Nowadays, contact lens is not just a substitute for people who doesn't want to wear glasses, but contact lens is also used to enhance one's look, BIG TIME.. It can change your eye colour, also can make your eye balls appear bigger, and makes girls look younger because of that round eye balls.. This technique has mostly used by asian girls and also people from all over the world to create that 'cute' look whenever they want

See the difference?
(source : google image)

For me, I also do have a small eyes and sometimes I use contact lens to make my eyes appear bigger
 without the lens

 with the lens

left without lens and right with lens (lol)

I used to wear contact lens almost everyday before, back then when I always thought that I look sooo much better if I wear it (though I have no problem with my eyesight.. No plus, no minus, no nothing)
But after awhile my eyes got so tired and I try to convince myself that being pretty is not just based on someone's look.. Lol, I can't rely on contact lens forever..
So now I still use contact lens, but occasionally, just to enhance my look, usually when I put a lot of make up on the weekend or on a special occasion

However, I have this problem on having contact lens, even though the seller told me they would last for half a year or even a year, mine would not last that long!
Oh well, it usually because I'm such a clumsy person and I'm not that neat..
I used to drop my contact lens when I try to put it on, and then it just disappear into the sink, LOL..
Or some days I forgot to change the water in the lens then it just dry inside..
Or the lens are somewhat get uncomfortable on my eyes after I use it for two or three months (even less)
And most of the times, if I found it uncomfortable, I just throw it away..
I know it such a waste of money, yet I thought you can't mess with your eyes, because the lens stick right on to your eye balls.. I've experienced and witnessed eye irritation before and I don't want to lost my eyesight just because of contact lens..

But last week, I was preparing myself to have a dinner with my friends and I planned to use my lens, but when I tried it on, my eyes hurts and red and it was so uncomfortable..
I took the lens off my eyes and was about to throw it away, but then I realize I just bought it like two weeks ago!!
There must be something wrong..
PS : I always wash my hand before I touch the lens, I always rinse it before and after I use it, so don't judge me, I'm not that filthy, lol..
So, I tried to look it up on the internet, and guess what??
I found a very easy way to make my contact lens live longer & this trick is really worked!

I take this pictures for you guys, I hope it will also help all of you to clean your lenses and add more time for its age :) Here we goo~

1. Always clean your hand before you touch your contact lens

 I always use anti bacterial soap

2. Take out your lens off from the container

Throw away the water inside

3. Clean your lens with the contact lens cleaner

4. Also clean the contact lens container and change the water into the new one

 5. Prepare one glass of water and boil it until it's warm

  I use microwave because it's faster (30 seconds only)


6. Put your lens case (with your contact lens inside) into the warm water

stir it for 5 to 10 minutes

7. Clean your lens again (repeat step 1 to 4)

8. Do it again (repeat step 1 to 7)

9. Voila! Your contact lens is good to go!

A selfie with my lens on (BONUS) for you <3 <3

Alright guys, I hope this help!
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I'll see you on my next post


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