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Platinum Grill Surabaya (Review) UPDATED! 16/8/15

Hey guys!
Finally! For the second time in my life, I had my fancy fine dining dinner, (and again) not with my loved one! LOL.. Well okay, I will give that special space for my future loved one to take me to the "super fancy fine dining dinner restaurant", hahaha.. So, I went here with my best photographer buddy, he's none other than Theoderikus Equitas (EQ). He took some of the best photos that I'm going to show you here, and also kudos to him for giving me a short course about how to get a very nice interior pictures, especially at night..

Platinum Grill

If you ever wondered why I re-make this blog post? It's just because they totally deserves it! The first time I made a blog post about Platinum Grill is on June 10th 2014, and at that time, I have no idea how to take a good picture, not even for the food, moreover, for the interior design. I really wish you could see how I first reacted when I read the old blog post about Platinum Grill, further more, when I saw the pictures I uploaded back then, I was literally like "What-The-F-Did-I-Just-See-Here??" Everything is unclear, blurry, too yellow and so much noise! FML.. Okay, I'm so get rid of those shitty pictures because it's for a change!

There are some slight changes from the first time I blog about Platinum Grill and now; so last year, they didn't have any neighbor but now they do. That's why you won't see as much green grasses on the left side of the restaurant, because the neighbor took the space. Below are the pictures from my last post. So sorry you have to witness this, but it's purely just for a proof.

So, Platinum Grill has been known as one of the best fine dining restaurant in Surabaya. It is located on the west side, precisely in Graha Family area. Platinum Grill used to be a Steakhouse that only open for dinner, they stepped up their game by also offering you choices of Western Foods for Breakfast & Brunch.

The kitchen is still see through, clean and neat as I saw the last time. No messy kitchen in here. I guess that's just how they maintain their quality control. It's the little details which you are paying attention to, that makes you stays on top or even grow bigger. Emairait?

Platinum Grill has two sides of dining area (actually three, but the other one is for VIP room); the indoor area and the outdoor area. Both side has its own advantages, the indoor area surely would be convenient for those who loves being in an air conditioned room, while the outdoor area would be less cold but you can have the golf view from there, pretty romantic.

Since the outdoor area is much more romantic, I choose to stay indoor instead, hahaha.. I think it's more convenient for us because you know, we're going to take a lot of pictures and we need air conditioner to lessen our sweat.

What I love about dining in Platinum Grill is that they make their customers feel special in every way. They put every guest's name in a magnetic acrylic to make us feel like we are truly belong in here, they even gave me one tied flower with a cute ribbon and my name on it, it's not even my birthday yet. They assign one waiter to escort every table to serve us with everything we need. I guess that's how you should treat your customer, like a king and like a queen. I feel so spoiled in here. <3

Price of The Foods & Beverages
(k = thousand | all price in Indonesian Rupiah / IDR)
Set Menu (couple) :
Wine Dinner : 1.520k
Degustation : 1.820k

Breakfast Menu :
Foods :  45k - 108k

Dinner Menu :
Salad / Soup / Dessert : 88k
Entree : 120k - 245k
Main Steak : 315k - 1.375k

Drinks :
Juice 38k - 48k 
Smoothies & Shake : 34k
Coffee Tea Chocolate : 29k - 125k 
Cocktails : 50k - 100k 

By Reservation : 
Pure breed Wagyu OP Ribs Marbling Grade 4 (1kg) : 1.950k
Maine Lobster : 1.650k/gr (Average 500-600gr)
Langoustine Carpaccio : 1.650/gr (Averager 250gr)
French Oyster (Seasonal) : 55k-80k (pcs)

(all price subject 10% Government tax) 

Bread and Butter
For the starter, they gave us bread and butter. From how it looks, I thought it was going to be one hard tough bread, but no. It was soft and yummy, eat it altogether with the butter, am already satisfied, lol..

Amuse Bouche
After bread and butter, the second thing that came to us was this delightful mini bites. All were tasty!
Fjords Delight
The third thing to be served was this amusing Smoked Alaskan Salmon with Citrus and Caviar. It was literally smoking when the waiter open the cover plate, which made it kind of way cooler than it actually is. And it tastes uh-ma-zing! The mixture of the tasty salmon and the citrus was completely brilliant! 

Potato Truffle Espuma
Another fascinating menu. At first I was so confused when the waiter opened the plate cover, I could only see these little mushrooms and I really didn't know how was I suppose to eat those LOL.. 
When I was giggling around with EQ and about to take photos of the little mushrooms, the waiter came back with a nitrogen sprayer tube, and start spraying the creamy Espuma all over the little truffle mushrooms. After that, everything just made sense. It was a soup, LOL..

US Prime in Japanese Style Sesame Dressing
We got different Main Course, since EQ doesn't like Salmon, so he got this super delicious meat! I still could remember he said, "hmm.. enyak!" like a giddy little kid several times, lol.. But it was true though, this is so irresistibly delicious!

Story of Salmon
If you love Salmon, this menu is a very must pick! In one plate you're going to taste every part in a Salmon, from the crispy skin, the meat, the belly, etc. and it tasted all good! Not like the usual salmon you usually get in a Japanese restaurant. But I didn't get to finish all of them since I've had enough Salmon already from the Fjords Delight.
Pannacotta Delight
For our dessert, we got three delicious pannacotta; Vanilla-Strawberry, Rose-Longan & Chocolate-Mint. All of them were satisfying, but my favorite was the chocolate mint. I couldn't stop spooning 'till the last bit.

Petit Four 
Actually we were suppose to get this Petit Four, but maybe because it was already late, we didn't get it, lol. By the time we got our Pannacotta, I guess it was already 11 PM, haha.. So we decided to go home instead. Too bad though, I was quite curious about this Petit Four.

Overall Experience :
Platinum Grill is a really nice restaurant, especially at night, so romantic! No wonder people say that this place is perfect for fine dining. The service are pretty excellent and surprisingly they don't charge any Service Tax. Hands down to the taste of the foods, they really deliver true quality. I also heard that if you left any tip on the table, they will run to you and give it back. Pretty cool :)

Raya Golf Graha Family, 60227 Surabaya
Breakfast : Tuesday to Sunday 8 am - 11 am
Dinner : Tuesday to Sunday 6 pm - 11 pm
Walk ins are welcome but I suggest you do make a reservation first for your own convenience :)
Wi-Fi, EDC Machine & Electric Stations are available
Prepare 200k-300k/person for lunch and 750k-1M/person for dinner

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  1. Nice decorations, couldn't believe it when I saw the photos since the last time I visited that place 2 months ago. You guys have made the place even more wonderful and beautiful as well. Too bad you were there as a helper and not a guest. Well, hope you will be able to patronise the place as a guest; enjoy their food and immerse yourself in the total experience of sight, sound and taste.... (Hint: go with your boyfriend) :)

  2. Thank you very much Don.. :)
    Lol, sure.. When I have one ^_^

  3. I love your post and pictures :) by the way i will have my anniversary dinner there. Which one do you prefer more? In the outside or inside? Thankyou :)

    1. Thank you so much :)
      It means a lot to me ^^
      Uhm, I'd personally prefer inside, because you might never predict the weather otside, it could be hot, humid or windy, but one thing for sure, mosquitos attack..
      So, I guess it's safe to say that it would be better if you both celebrate it inside the room :)
      I asked my friend who have already had the experience eating there, and she also said the same thing, so, yeah.. I guess my answer is pretty reliable, lol.. :) I hope you will have the best one there.. Happy 'early' Anniversary!

  4. Been looking at your blog lately as I was struggling to find objective reviews for restaurants and you've done a great job x). I'm sorry if I have to say this but would that be better if you change the use of "bahasa" to translate Indonesian language to "bahasa Indonesia" as the later is more appropriate. Keep on posting!:D

    1. Ah thank you so much dear.. :)
      At first I didn't really get what you meant, but now I do, lol..
      It's because I heard a lot of native speakers only use "bahasa" instead of "bahasa Indonesia" when they are talking about our language, so I thought that would be the same thing..
      But you got your point, I'll fix that when I'm on my computer, thank you.. :)

  5. romantic and I've read Inijie review about his breakfast menu...
    will try..... *excited*

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