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Tune Restaurant & Wine Bar Surabaya (Review)

Hi hi there..
Yesterday I got an information that there is a new restaurant in town from my buddy, Fio..
*she always know when there is something new around, she is oh-so-exist! lol*
So tonight, we decided to take a look to see if it's already open for public
And luckily, it is! Yayy~

"Our eclectic blend of modern design and architecture using natural wood, glass, steel and stone materials, with a combination of traditional French, Spanish and Italian cuisines, brings the gourmand an epicurean melange of natural taste and refined elegance."

 When I caught a glimpse of this restaurant from the distance, I saw they are using glasses for their wall 
and I got so excited, I thought this place must have had a nice interior design inside
And I wasn't wrong at all..

Before it becomes Tune Restaurant, this place was Kunang-Kunang Restaurant
If you live in the west side of Surabaya, you must have known this place :)

Let's take a look inside, shall we? ^^
This is the entrance

 This restaurant contains of three spaces; dining spaces, wine bar, and VIP room..
The first one you're about to see, is the dining space

 The Dining Hall

Favorite Spot

Second one, the wine bar

But unfortunately, you can't order Wine just yet, for now
Maybe later on their Grand Opening :)

and this is the VIP room

I really love this VIP room because as you can see, the place is really nice!
And the sound system inside will spoil your ears without bothering people outside the VIP room
This VIP room can fit to 15 persons


This is also a VIP room, in front of the Wine Bar
(they said it will be a wedding ballroom, but I don't think it's possible, the space is not that big.. Well maybe for engagement party, or private birthday party, it is still possible)
But it's not ready yet, so I wasn't allowed to come inside..

Let's move on to the Foods & Beverages
This is their default table setting (please do be careful if you bring a bulky shoulder bag,
you don't want to break anything, do you?)

This is the freebie appetizers for every customers I suppose  :
bread - butter & chopped fruits (yummy)

What we ordered :
Virgin Bellini (35k)
So refreshing! And tasty and yummy~
(I have always loved Mocktail that contains lime or orange mixed with soda)

Green Tea Bean (35k)
The flavour is really rich, you can 100% feel the green tea
Fiony even asked the waiter to add more water to it, lol
(Indeed for 35k, this is really good, but I'd still prefer Starbucks's, it tastes different)

Boston Seafood Chowder (70k)
Fio says, "Too salty" | I say, "Okay.."
(I don't really like seafood cream soup)

Quatro Formaggi (90k) for 3 persons
All about Cheese! SOOO YUMMY! Eat this while it's still hot/warm 
& feel that melted cheese inside your mouth

Chicken Confit (110k)
Fio says, "I've tasted better.." | I say, "Yum.."
(I never tasted Chicken Confit Before)

After almost 20 minutes debating what dessert we wanted to order, this is what we choose :
Panna Cotta Espresso (50k)
Both of us loves it!
But we didn't get to finish this, because we were  already full, haha~


Menu  Book
Their menu is not complicated at all, one page for foods and one page for beverages
(k = thousand | Price in Indonesian Rupiah / IDR)
Food (45k - 230k)

Beverages (15k - 120k)

Never forget about 10% Government Tax


Very clean, neat, smells nice (they use real flower), they also have towels!


Selfie Time~~
you can see me.. you can't see me..

I know you want it, muahahaha..

Just realized we both wore the same blue color that night, lol.. <3

My honest opinion :
My new Favorite!
It's really pretty and cozy
Their interior design makes you want to take pictures everywhere and still, you will get a nice background, lol
Both foods and drinks are really tasty and delicious
Not really overprice
The service was excellent, and they don't charge any service tax!
It was not crowded at that time though
So there was this waitresses, she's so friendly and funny, she didn't realize she was using Javanese language when she was talking to us.. Yes, it will be better if she's using Bahasa, but personally I don't really mind as long as she's polite, and yes she was..
She's patiently serving us and going back and forth to the kitchen to asked what we were asking
She showed me the VIP room, without waiting for me to ask about it
She offered herself to take a picture of us
And all the waiter & the waitresses are really paying attention to us
Even our single moves, they noticed
They knew when we were troubled because there were a lot of plates on our table, 
They helped us right away when they noticed we were moving things around..
And I am so thankful she ran to me and gave me back my Samsung Stylus Pen that I accidentally left on the table, once again, thank you! :)
Oh.. They also have an outdoor dining space, but it just rain hard over here, and it's already dark, I couldn't take any picture of it..
Definitely going back for another dinner, soon!


Tune Restaurant & Wine Bar
Jl. HR Mohammad 181
Puri Matahari Residence
(Ex Kunang-Kunang, Next to Myoung Ga)
Monday - Sunday
06.00 pm - 10.30 pm
t. +62 31 732 6741
f. +62 31 732 6743
Yes wi-fi (but still unstable and slow)
No smoking in the indoor area

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see you on my next post!


  1. Nice review, nice place, definitely the kind I would love to visit when I go to Sby. I want that cheesy pizza..... hahaha. I noticed you always show the pictures of the ladies toilet.... really makes me curious as to how the male toilet looks like :P

    1. Thank you Don :)
      Yes, you should try this place next time you visit Surabaya, and get that cheesy Pizza! Haha..
      Yes yes, I don't know why either, maybe because I love toilet? Hahaha..
      It's kind of important though, to have a pretty or at least CLEAN and not smelly toilet..
      Girls also love to spend time in the rest room.. To pee to poo, LOL.. To clean themselves, to retouch their make up, and perhaps, a selfie.. So if a restaurant or a cafe can provide a nice toilet, it is definitely a plus.. :)
      But a dirty and smelly toilet, will definitely be one of my main reason for not coming back there..

  2. Kapan grand opening nya? Mengingat sepertinya masih soft opening ini.

    1. Kurang tau juga, tapi biasanya sih 2-3 bulan stlah soft opening..
      Yakin br mo nyobain pas Grand Opening? lol..

  3. Dear Laura Angelia,
    We are from Tune Restaurant and Wine Bar Management want to said Thank You very much for your nice reviews and photo as well. I hope that you enjoy our place. We are try to satisfied every of our customer as much as possible. Please forgive us if there is anything unpleasant from our food and service quality. We are trying to improve ourselves everyday. Would you like to come to our place again and we will treat you for your nice reviews. Please contact us.

    Tune Restaurant and Wine Bar management


    1. You are most welcome, sir.. :)
      I do enjoy your place and willing to be back there for another dinner..
      Thank you very much for the treat offer, I really appreciate it.. :)
      I wish Tune Restaurant best of luck in the future and see you on my next visit.. ^^

  4. This article gives the light in which we can observe the reality. This is very nice one and gives in depth information.

    1. Thank you very much Mr. Smith! :)
      It means a lot to me.. Have a great day..^^

  5. This is a very complete post about this Indonesian wine bar and restaurant. The photos are beautiful.

    1. Thank you very much! :) Your place is also really nice.. ^^

  6. Wow, I wish I had the patience and determination to write a post as informative as this =) I'm gonna check out this place when I'm home.





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