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Hi guys.. I have promised to you two days ago that I am going to blog about a new place that I had visited earlier this week, where I posted the picture of the foods on my instagram.. I am sure you probably already know..
Yep yep, I'm going to talk about
Cup and Crumbs!

 I have visited this place twice this week.. I had a pretty bad experience on my first visit, that I almost deleted all the photos and not going to post it on my blog.. But surprisingly on the second one, I changed my mind.. Hahaha, yes I can forgive that easily, lol..

The first time I went there with my buddy, Fio..
At that time, the place was not really crowded, and we decided to pick a place on the second floor instead (but after half an hour sitting, people started to queue and running out of chair to sit)

my favorite shot of the day

One thing to remember here is that you are not going to be served at your table, but you have to go to the cashier to place your order.. This method is also applied in Historica Coffee and Pastry, but the difference is, in Historica, you won't be confused because the cashier is right in front of the main door. Here, the cashier is at the end of the hallway, and no one will greets you at the door and tells you that you have to order yourself at the cashier.. So, if this is your first time going there and you are now reading my blog, and if you get what I meant, you are most welcome, lol.. 

The range of prices that they offered are pretty standard.. I realize now, you won't get out of a cafe without spending minimum 70k from your wallet. So yeah, that is the minimum amount of money that you should bring here.. :)

This is the view of the second floor. There is an indoor dining space and also an outdoor one for the smoker. Nothing really special with the view, besides of the exceptional looking lamp that they hung at the ceiling. I can't really describe about how artistic looking it was, but I just loved it very much!

(can I get an Amen?)

I don't know since when I never skipped to captured pretty looking chairs everywhere I go, hahaha.. But in case if you are sharing the same taste with me, here they are.. :)

 What did I order?
On the first time we were there, the waitress were really slow, and kept forgetting things that I ordered and at some point it pissed me off, hahah.. I am sorry.. 
But they were all nice and I know they tried their best to serve us.. :)

 Ice blended Green Tea Latte (30k) & Snapple (35k)

 Hot Dogs with Curly Fries (36k)
Standard.. Just like any other hot dogs..

 Corn Fritter with Bacon (36k)
Ah tasted weird.. It is simply a grated corn that fried with eggs.. Served with sweet sauce.. And bacon and chopped tomato..

 Earl Grey and Raspberry Cake 
Uhm.. I didn't get what was inside this cake, hahaha.. But personally, it just tasted sweet?

Well.. Maybe now you realized why it was a bad experience for me?
The foods are so so.. and the service was kind of bad.. :((


On the other hand, the second time I went there (still with my buddy Fio, added a new friend, Stefano), the ordering time was still slow, we were not so surprised anymore, but this time they did no mistakes and they didn't forget about my orders and didn't keep asking me things I've already said before.. The place was packed with people, but fortunately we still got a place to sit, hehe..
And of course, we ordered something else :
 Ice blended Chocolate (30k) Honey Lemon (23k)
Chocolate tasted quite bad, not my favorite, the Honey lemon were okay..

 Eggs Benedict (36k)
Nice :)

Poffertjes (25k)
Small rounded pancakes, with white sugar on top and strawberry jam, me likey <3

 French Toast with Bacon (30k)
Yummy.. The toast are sweet and salty, the almonds were crunchy and the bacon cooked perfectly <3

Because of the tasty foods you served this time, I forgive you, hahaha..


Clean and spacious toilet, no worries


My Opinions  & Suggestions :
Better come before lunch time to avoid the crowd, or at 4 pm :)
Better sit on the first floor, it will be easier for you to order anything..
Visitors are most likely high school or college students or moms..
Serving time is still slow
Clean? Yes
Parking lot? Quite limited, had to fight with the parking man *couldn't park in front of Bon Ami*
AC? Yes
Smoking area? No (outside only)
Wi-fi? Yes
Electricity Outlet? Yes, but not at every table

Cup and Crumbs
Jl. Manyar Kertoarjo V/19 - Surabaya
(copy and paste the number above at your google maps to find the location)
Instagram : @cupandcrumbs

somewhere around here (in front of Bon Ami)

That's it for today's post, I hope you guys enjoyed it..
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