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Daily Kiss | NYX Rouge a Levers in Tea Rose (628) Review

Earlier this week I was totally running out of lip color..
At that time, I've been using Revlon's lipstick, which I bought, I don't know when..
To be honest, I don't really like that lipstick, but I was also running out of my lip tint..
I love using lip tint though because it stays quite long on my lips, but I don't really want to purchase a new lip tint because apparently, it drain my lips really well, and I hate it..
So I decided to go back using my Revlon's lipstick until I find something else..

Turns out I found one this week..
It was when I accompany Fio to buy her holy grail NYX Eyeliner in Metro Ciputra World..
While she was busy with her eyeliner, I started looking for a lipstick on my own..
After trying some colors on my hand and on my lips (only my fave color), I decided to buy this..

NYX Rouge a Levers in Tea Rose (628)

This is actually my second purchase for a lipstick, hahaha..
I usually use lip balm, lip gloss or lip tint..
, I kind of feel bad though spending Rp.70.000,- for this lipstick
Why? Because right after that, I looked up on the internet, people sell this for only half price!! :'(
Well, I don't know theirs are original or not, but still, half price? huhuhu..

Oh well, I will do my research after this before I buy anything on the counter..
Moving on...

Here are some pictures of me wearing it :


See the difference? ^^

What do I say about this lipstick?
+ To be honest, I really love the color! 
+ It is just perfect for everyday use..
+ Little bit moisturizing the second you apply it
+ Not pricey
- It does last longer than Revlon, but it doesn't last long like YSL, LOL.. (duh)
- Stain on glass, on wherever

Score? 7/10

So yeah, that's it for today's post, I hope you guys enjoyed it..
If you want to say anything about this, please do comment down below..

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I'll see you on my next post


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