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Galaxy Body

I know, it's such a weird title, but indeed, I wore my galaxy shirt together with my galaxy high waist today, hahaha.. And still, with my converse, lol..
I'm such a simple girl when it comes to fashion.. Anything comfy, basic and easy.. I could always relate to tees, shorts, flip flops, jeans.. My only accessories is probably my old Guess watch that has been given to me as a gift from my dad when I was in college.. I have some small simple necklaces that I just wear occasionally, and just a pair or earring? Hmm..
Donates are welcome, hahaha.. JK!

The images are a bit blurry, but you can still see me right? I didn't wear anything fancy in detail for my everyday wear, (or even on the weekend, LOL) so technically there's no need to post any clear images at the moment.. ;p

In my opinion, this staple is fun to wear on a day time, as its basic color is dark, but kind of sparkling..
So yeah, will catch anyone's attention.. :)

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  1. Ini sih namanya "The Angel with Galaxy costume" #calonjadimodelgalaxyS6 😅

    1. lol, agak berlebihan nih, hahaha..
      thanks anyway for still reading even though it's not about cafe or fancy restaurant.. :)

  2. Hihi, you really have assets to flaunt. What a pair of nice long legs. Lol.





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