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Heerlijk Gelato Cafe Surabaya (Review)

Hey hoo~
A 'new' cafe blog post is up!
Fio asked me to be her partner again, she wanted to try this cafe named Herrlijk Gelato Cafe..

Well actually this is not a new cafe, we were the ones who just found out that this cafe exist..
(pardon us, we live in the west side of the city)
In my opinion, Heerlijk Gelato Cafe is actually quite interesting. Even though the location is on the side of the high way, you won't see it from the outside.. We got some troubles finding this cafe, we had to drive around the highway twice to finally noticed it..Why? Because it is placed inside the Library of Bank Indonesia.. Remember, this is your HINT! I repeat, it is placed inside the Library of Bank Indonesia.. Where is the main entrance? It is on the left side of the road, right after the traffic light across Surabaya Zoo, you will find a small gate, and that's where you're going to park..

After we parked the car, we walked by the garden on the side of the building, it was nice strolling down under the big tree.. I watched around.. According to the shape, this building must have been built many many years ago.. Kind of scary, but still beautiful. I adore this place..
After we reached to the front side, the view was quite breath taking.. The building as you can see is really old, but yet it is also looks like it has been taking care of really well.. So clean, green, shady, and it made me totally forgot that yesterday's weather was extremely hot.

Of course, it's an heritage building. The existence of this place is protected by the law :)


Alright! Shall we move on to our main topic?
Heerlijk Bistro Cafe
This cafe is actually not really big, they probably have less than 20 tables
Parted into two area, indoor & outdoor
Let's start from the outside

 The height of the chair and the table is not really far, so it's quite low for dining, but it's perfect to take a food selfie! ;p

They are using mostly wooden chairs and tables for this cafe
I love how they choose the colors for the wood outside, so bright and catchy


Inside the Cafe, you can find the cashier, the gelato bar and more dining tables..
It was packed with old stuffs like traditional games, cassettes, phonograph record player, old radio, old books, old telephone, old cashier machine, etc..
The interior, still with the wooden chairs and tables, comfy couches added besides the table for four persons

And there was this interesting fake tree planted on the table
Makes it feels like more shady even though you're already inside the room :D

These are the details of the old stuffs :


What we ordered :
 Twilight Saga (20.000)
Two scoops of ice creams, coco crunch, cha-cha, choco stick, cheese cracker sandwich
Yummy! <3

Nasi Goreng Echo (28.000)
Rice, cooked with sauces, onions, and chicken that has been chopped into strings, omellete put on top
tomato, cucumber, lettuce and crackers (kerupuk) for garnish 
So So..

 Churros (23.000)
Basically, deep fried thick flour, too oily, tastes out of my expectation
No No No


Our little furrball company who was constantly asking for foods :


 This is the Menu :

Prices are around 
Drinks : 5000 - 18.000 Rupiah
Foods : 11.000 - 30.000 Rupiah
Gelato : 8.000 - 23.000 Rupiah
10% Government Tax


My Opinions :
The view is really pretty
Best visited around 3-5 pm
Parking lot is really small
Serving Time? A bit slow
Clean? Yes
Toilet? Haven't visited
Price? Standard
Waitress? Still young.. Need to smile more :)
Re-visit? Umm.. Probably..
Actually a good choice for people who like to enjoy historical view


This is the garden right across the Library
 Beautiful right?

Heerlijk Gelato Cafe
Jl. Taman Mayangkara No. 6 Surabaya
Jalan Raya Darmo
(Ex Mpu Tantular Museum, now Bank Indonesia Library)
AC? No
Fan? Yes
Smoking area? Yes (inside out)
Wi-fi? Yes
Electricity Outlet? Every table

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I'll see you on my next post


  1. Ex museum Mpu Tantular ya? Tak terbayang di semasa kecilku ke situ untuk Study tour sejarah, sekarang sudah berubah total. Btw ada foto boneka Rilakkuma di sofa, apakah milik anda atau kafe? Cek lucunya :)

    1. Iya.. :)
      Hahaha.. Makin bagus ya? Saya ga pernah ke sini sebelumnya soalnya, tapi menurut saya masih bagus sekali kondisi tempatnya..
      Itu boneka dari Cafe.. haha..

  2. Hello,
    Yep, I'm camping here. The pictures are so well taken; so sharp and vivid. Did you use a different camera?

    1. Hi hi.. lol..
      Nope it's still the same one.. But yeah, it works best on day time indeed, especially in outdoor area where it gets natural lighting from the sun.. :)
      Because I don't know how to set the camera right on poor lighting..

    2. Hahahaha yeah became better than past. Btw jam buka mengikuti jam buka perpustakaan atau terpisah sendiri? Karena terkadang pulang kantor malam melewati Heerlijk, saya tidak melihat ada aktivitas kafe tersebut. Thanks

    3. Buka sampai malam sih seingat saya.. Nanti coba saya check.. Bisa jadi memang sepi.. Habis waktu saya kesana dari jam 2 sampe hampir jam 5 juga tetep saya saja pengunjungnya.. :)
      Terlalu mblusuk sih ini tempatnya..

  3. looks like interesting yaa.. sayangnya menu & design interior standar ...heheh..just my opinion, maybe u can share a GPS location (coordinate) haha.. jd pembaca luar kotapun gmpng carinya..:p..Still it's a very Good Share, Wait for ur next Story

    1. Tempatnya aja sih memang yg interesting, LOL.. Gelatonya lumayan.. :)
      Been trying to figure out how to share GPS location here since last night, but it seems to fail everytime.. :( I'll work on it.. Thank you so much for your suggestion ^^

  4. while i was looking for this place through internet, fortunately i found this blog. thank you for sharing this place. you describe it well for others.

    1. Hi, thanks so much for dropping a very nice comment, you are really kind, thank you.. :)

  5. waktu mampir kesini cuma nyobain kopi"annya, yg yaa.. so - so
    padahal tempatnya bagus ya, haha

    1. Oya ya? Kayaknya emang yang paling mending gelato nya aja deh..
      Iya tempatnya asik banget.. :) Ademm..

  6. definitely going to try this place! thanks for reviewing Laura!

  7. Halo Laura, izin repost foto gedung perpustakaan Bank Indonesianya ya.. Foto kamu bagus banget !

    1. Thank you.. Will be appreciated if you give the credits to me.. :)

  8. Nice insight, maybe i'll go there after read your review. It's fascinating to integrated heritage with culinary tourism





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