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Jokes Indonesian Creates

Ola! How are you guys?
Have you voted for our next President? How did that goes? He won?
Mine did! ^^

Two days ago (22th) was the day when the result of the election revealed.
Long story short, Mr. Jokowi + Mr. Jusuf Kalla won, yeay! (yes, I voted for them) But the actual fun part was not only about the drama that has been going on around the election, but also about how Indonesian people reacted to this matters. I can't really remember since when do Indonesians become this creatively funny. They always make a picture about everything that has been happening around, put a little (usually a lot) of  jokes in it, then they will upload it on the internet, more like kind of 9gag things. But like, really.. Everything! Even about politics. And they do it fast.. In just a minute after the news revealed, so does the jokes about it.. The picture usually appears on Facebook, Instagram, Path or Twitter, then people will re-post it, re-gram it, re-path it, and re-tweet it until it went viral, then another jokes came out (usually funnier, in a meaner way)..

"whoever the president, don't pick your nose after the election"

On one side, I have been really enjoying this, they are my source of laugh at the moment, and they never fail though. But on the other side, I'm a little bit concerned, as you know, in every joke that has been made, we are laughing about someone or something that might be hurtful to the person that we are laughing at or to the party that supported them. And this might also can trigger something ugly in the future.. Well, I never wish bad things would happen, but we will never know right? And I just want to tell you guys, if you're reading this, I urge you to be smart on this.. We might find things funny and want to re-post it, and share it to our friends, but make sure that the jokes aren't hurtful, especially to a party who might have a die-hard fans.. :) But then again, I'm also thankful to the brave ones who would just post it anyway.. You guys are awesome! lol.. 

I think I might share some for an example so that you guys could see..
This one is about Syahrini (pardon me, Princess!)
So, Syahrini is an Indonesian singer. She has been popular with her sensation, she sigh every time she speaks, like literally putting 'h' at the end of every word she says.. She called herself 'Princess', she shows off her branded stuffs, goes everywhere with her private jet, she performs on the stage with an overly done make up (especially her eyelashes) and hairdo. She creates her own words, her own terms her own vocabulary. Usually overdressed at all times and overly react in everything..
She's really pretty though.. :)

Recently, people spammed her Instagram with nasty comments (but hillarious), every time she posted her outfit of the day photo, example :

This picture gets thousands of comments, like......
"Oh my, this is auntie Syahrini? I thought it's a Banana"

"Syahrini? I thought it's a Kanebo"

"Syahrini? I thought it's a Nasi Tumpeng"



She posted this video lately

And look what people did :

(wake that one who sleeps!)

"Uncle, why is she?"
"Maybe she's tired.."

And a lot more....
Creative right??

You can find more Indonesian jokes in :


So yeah, this issue has been so amusing lately
Hopefully their creative mind won't stop creating funny things that makes people laugh..
But one thing for sure, NEVER EVER EVER make any joke about natural disaster, accident, or any other tragedy that include someone's death, okay.. That's not cool at all..

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  1. Now I know why you have been telling me this election is very fun. With all the jokes going round, who is not? Hahahah.... wish i understand bahasa:(

    1. Hahah.. Yes, totally! It was hilarious..
      Just like 9gag, but in Indonesian, and no filter, lol..

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. ROTFL.. =)) Syahrini is always amusing!
    I just watched her "i feel free~" video yesterday, and I was speechless XD hahahaha





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