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Monopole Coffee Lab Surabaya (Review)

Hi guys, how are you doing all? :)
*a little bit of story of my life*
Tonight, I'm so bored.. Like really.. I was supposed to go and meet up with my girls, but sadly, no vehicle was available to use.. My friend wanted to pick me up, but I overslept for a while when she called (I got bad stomachache because of my PMS, makes me tired the whole day), so.. yeah.. I was at home, alone, and bored.. Too bored I even did stupid things, lol..
Ah, never mind, let's just cut to the chase.. hahahaha..

Today I'm going to share with you about the newest coffee shop in the west side of Surabaya!
*ba dum tss*
Monopole Coffee Lab

I've been there three times and this place was always packed with people! The chairs were never empty.. And I also always see people with DSLR Camera there; taking pictures of the coffee, the food, the place.. *sigh* It kind of made me feel a bit self conscious and lost the mood to take pictures for my blog, haha..
I'd rather taking pictures when the place is empty, but I guess there is no way this place is going to be empty, except..............
Yes, I made an appointment and came an hour earlier before the place is open for public, hahahahahaha..
(and surprisingly, there were also customers who came earlier! Oh my.. *roll eyes*
But never mind, I came first anyway, and I already got some good shots, so they were not really bothering my quality time while I took pictures of the place, hehehe..) 

Shall we? ;)

Monopole Coffee Lab has two sections of floor, the first floor is for Monopole Coffee Lab itself, and the second floor is for SAVE/THE/DATE (wedding videography) Office, in case you were wondering, heheh..

I really took my time while I was there, and the place is actually not big, so I got a lot of pictures, yay!
From the picture above, actually you have seen pretty much the whole place, but I'm going to give you a short tour from my detail perspective.. :)

Let's start with the right section
(my favorite shot)

I think this is the most beautiful and spacious section of Monopole, where they have the only table that can fit for 6 persons, and it has this tic tac toe game on it.. I do really love the composition of this corner really..

 Moving on to the coffee bar
 Why I called it bar? It's because of the chairs.. :)


 cold drip & mineral water


This is the rest of the dining area : the left, middle and the back
(click the picture to enlarge)


What I ordered :
(Price are in IDR/InDonesian Rupiah | k = thousand | USD $1 = around 11.650 Rupiah)
Spicy Crispy Chicken Wings with Fries 37.000
Love it! ^^

Potato Salad with Corned Beef, Hard Boiled Egg, and Croutons 22.000
Really good! But the portion is very small

Red Velvet Blended 33.000
Uhm.. Tasty, but.. A little bit bitter, I guess they put coffee in it, and the more you drink, the more you'll taste the bitterness, and the darker it will become..

I have also drank their Iced Green Tea Latte 33.000
Tastes nice and the portion is also big, so..okay.. :)

Prices are around 15.000 - 48.000 Rupiah
(All prices are subject to 10% tax)


They only have one toilet, for both men and women. But it's really clean, spacious and not smelly :)


My Opinions :
This place is really really crowded, and obviously noisy, well it can be both good or bad, depends on what you prefer :)
Nice ambience, nice atmosphere
Visitors are usually from age 15-30
I don't like coffee, but coffee lovers love their coffee
I don't really like their red velvet, but I guess you should try it first
Foods are nice, I'm really waiting for the Nasi Goreng Ijo, when will it be ready? haha..
Serving Time? A bit slow, because they are always full
Clean? Yes
Price? Standard
Waitress? Nice, Friendly :)
Re-visit? Yes, if I got an empty seat
Monopole Coffee Lab
Jl. Raya Darmo Permai I/38
OPEN : Tuesday - Sunday start 01.00 PM 
Last Order : 09.00 PM
Instagram : @monopolecoffeelab

Parking lot? Best one? In front of Kenari
AC? Yes
Smoking area? No (outside only)
Wi-fi? Yes
Electricity Outlet? Yes, but not at every table


(right next to ILO)

That's it for today's post, I hope you guys enjoyed it..
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I will be really appreciate it, and super happy :)

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  1. i'm very recommended to try cold drip coffee for who love black coffee .. maybe it's like "vietname coffee" ,and the taste is better than starbuck hahah

    1. Wow.. That's amazing.. :)
      Thank you for your suggestion though, appreciate it!

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