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threeOsix Speciality Coffee Brewers Surabaya (Review)

Hello, dear darlings <3
How are you all? Must be really happy because of the holiday season, right?
Or not? Probably not, because you still have time to read my blog, so I guess you're not going anywhere this holiday, poor you, hahahahah.. Me too.. -______-"

Alright! Don't be sad.. I'm still here, hahaha..
Continuing my culinary journey to the east side of Surabaya, today I'm going to share my experience in
threeOsix Speciality Coffee Brewers

It was lunch time when we arrived there, and the place wasn't crowded, yey~

This is the only sofa here, and the only table that provides magazines

This cafe is actually not really big, but they also have upstairs, so no worries about not getting any table :)

What's on the second floor? I was quite curious too, so I went up..

But, nothing was really there actually, hahahah.. Just two parts of room with some tables and chairs
No decorations, no nothing, really plain..
Even the air conditioner was off

However, I still found an interesting thing
As you can see, there is a curtain at the window, and it can reflect the shadow from the sunlight
So, according to that situation, I tried to pull off some #cipratancahaya shots
(Cipratan Cahaya = Splashes of Light)
If you have Instagram, go search for the hashtag #cipratancahaya and you will find lots of artistic photos
which shown an object (usually a cup of coffee or foods) with that splashes of light
LOL, I hope you get what I mean..

So this is what I could come up with :
both of my legs, muahahahah..

and.... a selfie! :P
(Yup, I was sitting on the floor)


Back to the main topic, I also found their toilet here
 It was quite dark and  wet, but it was clean and not smelly


Alright enough with the second floor, let's go downstairs again :)
 Seriously, I just realized that he was posing in the picture when I checked the photos at home..
He's a total stranger though, lol.. Maybe he wanted to be noticed? Okay, I put you on the blog Mr. Peace! :)

 My favorite shot of the day


What did we ordered?
K-Pop (28k)
Korean Inspired, Boneless Double Cooked Fried Chicken with their Special Korean Sauce + Potato Chips
Eatable, not a favorite dish in my opinion
But I have a friend who really loves this food though..

 Asian Grilled Chicken Rice (28k)
Five-Spice Grilled Chicken Served with Sweet Chilli Sauce Accompanied with Vegetable Pickles, Potato Chips and Rice
Uhm, this one was the worst looking, and also the worst in taste.. The rice was warm but sticky, you know that kind of rice which cooked with too much water? Naay.. And the grilled chicken was not hot, not even warm, it was quite cold.. I don't know if it was because we were taking too much time while snapping over the foods so it became cold, or it was originally cold.. I didn't see any vegetable pickles too, haha..
But the taste was not that bad actually
I just wished it wasn't cold and the rice cooked better next time

 All Day Breakfast (33k)
Premium Sausage, Two Slices of Wholemeal Bread, Scrambled Eggs, Tomatoes and Veggies + Wedges Potatoes 
Sausages, Scrambled Eggs, (just realized there were no tomatoes, just veggies), Wholemeal Bread were okay, but the wedges potatoes were delicious!

 Green Tea Latte Hot (28k)

 Affogato (28k)
A Scoop of Ice Cream Topped with Espresso and a bit of Chocolate Sprinkles

Latte Hot (25k)
Pretty latte art, looks tempting..
I was hoping I would taste a sweet tasty warm coffee milk, but it was bitter all the way, hahaha..

Dessert by Olive Patisserie
It tasted good but nothing really special, maybe I should try more of their variant next time



It took me quite a while to edit the photos of the menu, you won't see it though, but it was actually tiring.. Hope it helps you to get the information about what are they selling there and about how much is the price..
I put it in a quite random order, you can click the picture to enlarge the photos..
But to sum it up, it is between 5k - 28k for the drinks and 15k - 33k for the foods
Bring 100k here would be enough I suppose ^^


My Thoughts, Opinions & Suggestions?
This place is like Monopole, both of them are Coffee Specialist
but threeOsix is bigger, and they have more choices of menu than Monopole
I can't tell you about the coffee because as you know, or as I'm telling you again right now, I'm not a coffee lover, or a coffee addict or even a coffee drinker. So pardon me for not reviewing any of them..
However threeOsix, you need to improve the quality of your foods
And make something that makes us say, "OMG this one is really good!"
But then again, we could have a different taste
If you are a coffee lover, I still would suggest you to try this place :)
and order their Afogato + Potato Wedges, that would be nice, hahaha..

threeOsix Speciality Coffee Brewers
Ruko Klampis Jaya No.10F - Jalan Raya Klampis, Surabaya 60117
Monday - Friday : 3 PM - 10 PM
Saturday : 1 PM - 10 PM
Sunday : CLOSED
instagram : @threeosixcoffee
EMAIL: threeosixcoffee@gmail.com
wifi password : cipratancahaya
No Smoking Area

(In between Duta Cipta Interior & De Mandailing Cafe)
That's it for today!
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  1. Hi salam kenal, bbrp hari yg lalu ini menemukan blog ini, nice review, nice pict, and nice blog, btw di blog ini tersedia kolom search? Untuk mencari review2 kafe ato tmpt makan?

    1. Hi.. Kolom search ada di kanan atas.. :)
      Bisa juga di liat di label / kategori Hangout Surabaya di sebelah kiri atas.. :)

  2. Hehehehe tidak kesulitan duduk di lantai dengan high heels dan berdiri lagi? :p btw Affogato itu kopi panas diberi scoop es krim, seperti Baskins Robbin tetapi varian rasa kopi ya

    1. Ga masalah, hahah..
      Kayanya si ngga panas, agak lama kok cairnya, klo panas kan es nya cepet cair, hehe..

  3. yeey, Maps! haha.. Keep Posting laura!..

    1. Yeey! haha..
      Hope it helps :)
      Keep reading, anonymous! ^_^

    2. it really helps lauraa..hehe.. maybe i'm the one ask you last time to give maps info.. :p..hahaha.. good luck for your blog!

    3. It's really hard though to be precise, lol.. but I'll try my best.. ^_^
      Thank you for your suggestion in the first place..

  4. untuk info aja.. mr peace itu sebenernya moderator grup KULINER di facebook... heheheh...

    1. Iya.. After I posted it, aku dapet 1 comment di Facebook, 2 message di Facebook dan 1 comment di blog, mengatakan hal yang sama.. LOL, this guys is really popular.. :) Say my warmest regard for him then..

  5. Salam kenal laura.... baru sadar mgg lalu kalau foto gua nongol disini

    1. Aw.. Masa? Hahaha..
      Salam kenal ko Sam! Ak dibombardir anak2 grup kuliner nih gara2 postingan ini, lol.. Should I put down your pic? Haha..





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