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Yoohoo Desserts and Bites Surabaya (Review)

Hey guys!
I was quite surprised when I just knew today that this post was disappeared from my blog.
I still found it in my draft folder though, but my writing about the post was all gone, only pictures remain. :'( I still have no idea what had happened. So yeah, I'm going to re-write it all over again.

Yoo Hoo Desserts and Bites

It was in the late sunday afternoon when I decided to visit this place. I have an hour and a half before I had to head out to my church, so I'm giving a space in my tummy for the dessert.

This place is as you can see, is very simple. Not too much of decoration, and also not too spacious. They probably only have ten tables. I guess that they were designing this place for the customers to just have a quick bite and leave. :)


The Menu
*click to enlarge*


What did we ordered?

Ramyun Mania Spicy Level 3 Rp. 23.000,-
It's not my favorite one, I'd still prefer Indomie, haha.. and it was not spicy at all.. BYut if you like Ramyun, you can try it.. :)

Yoo Hoo Crispy Glazed Chicken, Drumstick (Garlic) Rp. 29.000,-

Oreo Ball E Rp. 45.000,-
The best in town! Super loved it!

Satay Ball Spicy Rp. 18.000,-
It tastes nice, and spicier than the ramyun, lol..


Thoughts & Suggestions

  • Cheap
  • The best dessert ball & pudding & green tea ice cream in town
  • I think they have improved now, but I haven't visited them again
  • Please rebuild your toilet :)

Name :
Yoo Hoo Desserts & Bites
Location :

G Walk B11 (Opposite Oriana) Citraland
Operational Days & Hours :

03.00 PM - 10.00 PM
Walk in or Reservations :

Walk in
Best Visit for Walk In :

Smoking :
Not allowed (Outside Only)

(right next to the ATM)

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  1. The noodles look so delicious until you commented you like Indomie more. Lol.

  2. I was about to try Yoohoo last week ce :p
    Unfortunately I was full enough >< After read this review, I think I should give a try next time! :D

    Anyway, do you remember me ce? :p It's Shelvi, hehe
    And I also have a blog ^^ Please kindly visit my blog if you have free time XD

  3. Hi Shel.. I'm not that old lol.. I still remember you.. ^^
    Lol, you should try next time.. So yummy.. :)
    Will do, dear.. hihi.. Your blog is is really nice!

  4. Hi laura,

    I Just tried the place.
    The results of the experience
    - the idea of the interior is all right. Fresh and cute good for an ice and dessert place
    - no music which create a no/bad ambiance
    - plus there's a group of middle age lady gathering ..only 5/6 of them but they were so loud ..too loud indeed.
    - And the worse part is the service .. i would rate it minus.
    The staff at the cashier is superbly unfriendly , unhelpful and looks annoyed when we ask about the product
    - and the service staff ... when we aksed for an extra spoon answer from 3 meters away and ended up giving us a plastic spoon. And according to her its the rules there.
    - the food .. i tried oreo ball E and i think its not too good (means nothing special). Its full sugar. There are dessert places with similar concept but better food product.
    - the combination of the so-so food and the unpleasant service and ambiance : i would prefer not to revisit again.

    Sorry yoo hoo...

  5. instead of judging other people’s work, start by improving yourself. i suggest you start with fixing your grammar. it stinks more than my dog.





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