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Carpentier Kitchen & ORE Store Surabaya (Review)

I refuse to believe that my favorite month is almost over (cry cry cry)
I truly enjoy this month, especially my birthday! It was magical.. :)
I'll share about my journey in Bali next month, okay?
And please do be patient for the giveaway, I'm still preparing and adding some stuffs to it..
Now let me bring you to one of my favorite cafe in Surabaya

Carpentier Kitchen & ORE Store

 I've already had a crush on this cafe since the first time I've been there. But lately I got distracted by the other cafes in town, so I have to put a hold to re-visit until today. And after all these month, surprisingly I'm still in love! 

This cafe is really simple yet fascinating. They use pastel colors, vintage stuffs, plus vines for their interior design, I do feel really comfortable hanging out in here. And it's not just a cafe inside, but also a three floor store named ORE that sells a lot of cool things which some produced by a local brand and also imported stuffs from international brands.

Curious enough with the spoiler? Let's take a peek what inside now!

This place started with the ORE Store, which for me is quite clever, because everyone who goes to Carpentier Kitchen has no other option than to go through ORE Store before they enter the actual cafe. And people (especially girls) will most likely stop by and take a glimpse, who knows they might find something interesting and buy one?
It's like killing two birds with one stone, aite?

When you first enter the store, you will see Carpentier's dining table on the left.
Yes, you can eat there, but I think it's not the best place to eat since it is placed right beside the main door, you can literally see everyone is passing by.. And as you can see, in the afternoon, the sunlight will strike straight from the window on to your skin which is not very nice for me.. :)

Anyways, let's explore at the ORE Store first

On the first part of the store, you will see clothes, flat shoes, wallets, clutches and bags mostly for women, except the unisex accessories like Daniel Wellington watches and some quirky glasses. From what I can see, they sell the casual, laid back, quirky and vintage style kind of fashion here.

Moving on..

In this part, you'll see more shoes and bags and sandals. But not only for women, also for men and kids.
You'll also see a bike, toys and super cute stuffed animals named Ugly Doll <3

Let's see what's on the second floor

In this floor, you will see all the boys stuffs from shoes, clothes, pants, bags, accessories and more bikes.

What's outside the window?

Whoa! <3 <3 <3

Let's go back into the first floor and I'll show you the rest of the store, then we can move on to the Cafe :)

In this part, you will see mostly random stuffs, from Havaianas flip flops, Lomo & Polaroid cameras, headphones, accessories, bags, wallets, leather stuffs, CDs, pillows and sunglasses..
Take a look for yourself!

Dream Catchers, things with vibrant colors, always get my attention <3

I also love these pillows! my favorite ones were the one with these statements :
"reading is HOT" & "writing is COOL"
Think I might get that one, later..


Alright, we are getting so close with the Cafe already!!
This is what I call their indoor space, if you prefer in an air conditioner area, this is where you'll be seated. There are three to four tables there, quite spacious, cooler, and they also provide a baby chair.

This is my best spot if I would sit inside.. Ah, mirror will always be my best friend <3
(if diamonds are not around, lol..)

Shall we? ^_^

I still can remember my first expression when I opened the door, it was like, "Whoa! I didn't know this place exist in Surabaya!" LOL.. I love outdoor space, I love to feel a little bit of a sun and feel the blowing wind to cool down the heat. I will love it even more if there are a lot of green things, such as plants, trees, or vines like this. It produces oxygen and allows you to breath in the fresh air, it also makes our brain to loosen up a bit just by seeing its color and I just found that seeing green color will make you more creative too!

So yeah, to sum it up, I LOVE THIS PLACE.. <3

Peeking at their Kitchen


What can we ordered here?
(click to enlarge)
 Foods from Rp. 13.000,- - Rp. 48.000,-
Beverages from Rp. 6.000,- - Rp. 20.000,-


And this is what we ordered :

Ultimate Burger (48k)
Worth the price, really big, lots of delicious stuffs inside and really yummy! Can't get enough of the sauce too! <3 <3

Fettucine Cream (38k)
The flavor of the cream is just perfect, not too sweet or too milky, nice! <3

Choco Pancake (30k)
What makes me droll all the time! three (or two)  layers of pancake, with Nutella ALL OVER it.. Not just on the outside, but also inside, they also put peanut butter with the actual nuts in between the layers. On top of it, there are strawberries and whipped cream.. Ugh.. <3

Chamomile Tea (7k)
Not recommended, I don't know, I really don't like the taste of it.. Does every chamomile tea tastes like this or it just doesn't taste good in here? Hmm..

If you noticed there was the All Time Breakfast on the bill, but where the picture of it?

All Time Breakfast (38k)
I was so busy taking pictures at ORE Store, and Fiony was already starved, so she ate first and left me this, LOL.. But it did taste good though.. The Omelete, The Potato Wedges and The Sausages were all great!


What about the Toilet?

There are two rooms for toilets (both for guys and girls)
No worries, it's clean :)


My Thoughts :
As I've already said before, I love this place.
From their interior design to the ambience, not to mention about their yummy foods.. Hmm.. <3
Most of their customers are teenagers and young people around age 15-28
You can smoke in the outdoor area
But I think they need to add more waitress
And the waitress need to be more friendly
There was this woman, omg, she always put her unfriendly look, but she did her job well though.
I guess if she can be more smiley, that would be a lot better

Carpentier Kitchen & ORE Store
Untung Surapati 83 | Surabaya
East Java Indonesia | 60264
P +6231 568 2074
F +6231 563 0826
Opening Hours :

Mon - Sat 11am -10pm
Closed on Sunday

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  1. Sony A6000 ya... Wkwkwkwkwkwk ketauan punya bodi kurus tapi selera makan gede, anda pesan 3 menu tapi Fiony (who's her?) memesan 1 menu aja :p

    1. Ngga tau, itu punya teman saya, hahah..
      Kita pergi bertiga kok.. Saya cuma makan ultimate burger, yang lainnya sharing2..
      Fiony is my culinary partner :)

    2. Oh I see.... Ciieeee ada yg ajak kencan wkwkwkwkwk

  2. Hi Laura,
    Really enjoy reading this posting and the best part was when you talk about the All Time Breakfast(the photo). It gives me a chuckle, heheh. I can see that you love this place very much, shall we there next week?

  3. Hi Laura,
    I did post my comment earlier, but I guess I didn't go thru. I might as well repost it.

    I managed to visit this place yesterday.
    Although, the waiters do not look friendly, I overall enjoyed my time there.

    They might need to try to smile a bit innit? I noticed it was only the security guard that put on a smile on his face. But, in terms of the job, they made a hell of a job. Well done.

    Food was good and affordable. I didn't get to order the breakfast thing, but It was great.

    You are right, it was mostly visited by youngsters which made me looking older than I thought I was. Lol!

    Anyways, they deserve more and more visits. And thanks to you for letting us know about this place.


    1. Hey Jim, (if i'm not mistaken)
      Lol, so it was not just me who experienced the unfriendly look from the waitress, with that being said, so my opinions are pretty objective right? haha..
      I'm glad you had a nice experience there..
      Though they deserve more visits, I'd rather they stay this way, lol.. It won't be enjoyable if this place packed with too many people.. ;P
      Anyways.. No need to thank me.. It is my pleasure, all the time.. :)

    2. Yes ma'am!
      Place is small but it was good enough. Thank god it was not so crowded..






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