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De Soematra 1910 Review

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Oh gosh, how I miss you guys!!
I actually scheduled another blog post (not this one) to be uploaded tonight, but as I was writing, I totally forgot that I should be in my church, doing singing rehearsal for this sunday service! OMG..
So yeap, I stopped writing, and just rushed myself driving to my lovely church..
Now I feel so bad if  I don't upload anything, so I'm going to upload this one, hihi..

De Soematra 1910

In this blog post, I won't upload any food, because I didn't eat anything here, I was just helping my friend and be her company while she was decorating the room for her client..

I'm going  to show you around about what I saw here, this place is totally totally beautiful! The decorations is really elegant, classy and high class. Placed in a colonial building that set like it was way back in 1910, De Soematra is perfect for private fine dining if you have a special occasion with your loved ones.

I forgot to take a picture of their front door, so I took this one from their website
(courtesy of www.de-soematra.com)

When you enter the main door, you will see this giant table with a lot of flowers above
(oh yeah, they are all real fresh flowers!)

On the right side, there is the first private dining room which was decorated by Elite Party Designer,
but we might take a look on that later, after she finished the decorations, now let's move on to the other side

on the left, we could see a lounge with a nice purple sofa with velvet leather that match the curtain.
There is also a grand piano which I suppose it will be played to entertain people in the lounge area

 Right next to this open lounge, there is a connecting door to another lounge area

It's really pretty, I was so speechless there actually!

 Across the open lounge, there is an identical lounge that was designed just like the first one.
The lamp, the painting coordinate, the sofa, the table, even the mirror were exactly twins.. :)

In the middle of these open lounges, there is an alley that will lead us to three private rooms; 
one big private room on the left and two small private rooms on the right. 

 Let's see what's inside!

 The first room on the right was quite fascinating. It's full decorated on both sides,
and to take a full picture of one side, I had to kneel down and took the picture from the ground
(click to enlarge)
 a very huge shelf with a lot of bronze teapots and a big flat screen right in the middle of it
on the other side, a huge photo collage on the wall in black and white
(this is actually my favorite room)

Right next to it, there is also a private dining room with a bar in it
(click to enlarge)

 Let's go across the room!

This is the big private room, it can filled up to 10 / 12 persons inside
 I also love this room, because of the pick of the color!

Now, let's go outside!

This place is perfect to chill in the evening, for tea time and snacks, when the chill wind blows <3

If you walked to the left, it will lead you to two alleys, first one is connected to the front, and the second one is to the toilet

 Let's check out the toilet!

The toilet is so spacious, comfy, clean, and smells so good!
You can even probably chill inside, haha..

Done with almost all the place, let's go back inside and see the decorations
(click to enlarge)

you can contact them for your special occasion <3

My little thought
De Soematra 1910 is a really nice place for a romantic fine dining dinner, but with this overwhelming decorations don't expect anything cheap! :) I can make sure you will spend for above a million for two persons if you ordered a complete set menu from appetizer to the dessert. They also subject you to 21% of government + service tax.
(I haven't get the chance to eat in here, but hopefully with such price, it would be worth it)

De Soematra 1910 Surabaya
Jalan Sumatra 75, Surabaya 60281
*please do make a reservation first*
No Smoking Area

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