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Respect of the day


Me and my friend went to the Mall this afternoon. After we arrived, she parked the car inside the building, and we had to walk a little to the mall entrance.. As we were walking, we got to passed by some people. And I couldn't help but bitched about the workers that just walked past us, because they were all smoking and blowing the smoke everywhere while I just washed my hair this morning.. Seriously, I hate to smell the smoke of the cigarette on my hair!
Then, when we were near the entrance door, a (probably) 40 years old guy that I saw was walking behind us before, speed up his walk and walked pass through us. He seemed like he was in a hurry, I took a quick look on his appearance: his body is tall and big with muscles showed on his arms, he wore tight t-shirt and jeans, he has an unfriendly face and a spiky hairstyle. Overall, he looks like a bad guy or an asian mafia gangster in the action movie, haha.. 
When he reached the entrance door, he pushed the door widely and literally held the door for us (yes us, because we were the only person who walked behind him) and waited for us to came through.. I ran a little, said "thank you" and held the door after him, so that he could let go. He walked normally after that. And we were just like, "Wow.. Despite of his look, this guy is a true gentleman.. ♡"


Moral of the day : 
Never, ever ever judge a book by its cover.. ^_^
Girls would melt it if guys open or held the door for them (LOL)

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  1. I read this blogpost on my way home and it inspired me to write this https://athenia89.wordpress.com/2014/08/30/reverse-culture-shock/ :D





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